If life is a jigsaw puzzle, what part do you play? Which piece of the jigsaw puzzle are you and how do you fit into the bigger picture?

This is the Barr Council of the 8th dimension. Your world right now is made up of many pieces and many of you are finding it a little difficult to fit, for the pieces around you are changing. And so, as you move through life, you are finding that what was once smooth, is now rough. What was once easy, is now difficult, and what once flowed, now sticks a little. 

For many of you, you are making decisions, without we would say, aforethought. When we say aforethought, we mean you are not thinking further ahead about the implications for your future. Based on some of the decisions that you are making you are, in a sense, pushing to fit into this jigsaw puzzle of life in a way that is forceful. For some of you, this has been the nature of your life and so this does not feel difficult, or let us say unusual, for it has been the way that you have lived your life. This is not the way that humans are, I mean we say, supposed to live, but it is not around the idea that you are supposed to live a certain way, except what if it were easier? 

Your world right now is transforming. It is transforming in ways that were you to be a little more conscious, you would be making different choices. And so this message for you today is to assist you to open your eyes and your hearts, and perhaps your arms and your ears, to notice where you fit. And to notice what you do, and how you fit into the bigger picture. As we mentioned already, your world is changing very fast. There are many things that are happening that are, you may think out of your control, but this is inaccurate. For you, in a sense can not predict, but have a say in, the future of your lives but this is not an energy that you as humans have had awareness around up to this point. For your past has very much been a situation where you have not gone with the flow, but allowed; allowed things to happen without a consciousness and awareness of the future. For some of you you have, this is true, but for the predominant general population, you have not. 

So where are we going with this conversation? Well, the idea is that the energy is changing in your environment, on your planet, in your space, so to speak. And are you changing with it? Or are you staying stuck in the old energy? 

To be aware of the changes means to open your eyes, open your ears, open your hearts. Notice what is happening that is different, compared to what was, and in those awarenesses, let’s say, begin to make different choices. Now it is in making those different choices that the pieces of the puzzle will actually shift for you and you will, in a sense, move into perhaps a different part of the puzzle, maybe a part that you’ve never been in before. And so this for humanity is difficult, not so much difficult, but the transition into the new can be something that can be quite uncomfortable, and it is in your past experience to have been something you avoided, for you have enjoyed the status quo let us say, albeit that you have enjoyed it, it has not been your reality as much as you have tried to keep it that way, for your world is constantly evolving, except that the speed at which it evolved in the past was slower, different, less volatile, we would say but this is not your future, for you are in the midst of a great transition. 

And so where do you fit in this puzzle that is your world now, that is your evolving, changing, morphing, shift. 

And so why are we bringing this message to you today?

It is important, crucial, vital, necessary for you as an individual and as a collective, to recognize that these changes are occurring, and that the pieces of the puzzle, you individually, are changing. And so as you attempt to fit into the puzzle, it’s not going to be easy. For just as the puzzle piece changes you and your world, you will find yourself fitting in one space, only to realize shortly afterwards that you no longer fit in that space anymore, and you are changing again. Everything is changing. This is the nature of your world for the next little while. 

So what can you do about this? 

It will be helpful for you to recognize that nothing will stay the same for a while. That change will be even more constant than it has been in the past. It will seem as if it is consistently changing, that one minute you are moving into one arena, only to discover that shortly afterwards, that arena is changing and you will have to move with the times. If, for those of you who choose not to, this is too much for you, it will become even more uncomfortable and this is not a bad thing for in humanity’s life, in its metamorphosis, let us say, there is an ebb and flow. There is a beginning, middle and end. There is life and there is death and that is the nature of your being. That is the nature in fact of the universe. It is the nature of all things. It is just the nature of life. It is not that consciousness ends. It does not. It transforms. 

So how can you cope with these evolving times, these transitions, these shifts? 

Well, just as your beautiful planet moves with the flow of the seasons, with the sun and the moon, with daylight and night, you must recognize that nothing stays the same. And this is also true of your bodies; that they are consistently shifting and changing. And so can you, on a daily basis as you rise, realize that the next day will not be the same as the previous one? That in order for you to be, successful is not the word that we would like to use but it will work for you for you will understand this, for the day to be fulfilling, for the day to be satisfying, for the day to be happy, let’s say, you have to go with the flow. You have to accept that it will always be changing until it stabilizes, which is not going to be anytime soon just so you know. You are moving out of a lower density energy, a lower vibrational state, let us say, which has been something you have known for a very long time, and you are evolving, rising up, increasing in intensity in vibration, and it’s gonna be a little volatile, but you can do it. 

The heart is your stabilizer. The heart is your open source. Your heart, should you connect to it, will be the place where you can find this tranquility even in the midst of all chaos. Connecting to the energy of the heart is going to assist you to stay strong, calm, love. This is the energy of the future for your species moving into the 5th dimension. The plasma light and photon light that is coming onto your planet is of the vibration of the heart. It is no longer a fear driven low vibrational energy, and dear humans, to move forward with this, to fit into the puzzle of life, is to flow in the energy of the heart. 

And so recognizing that each one of you is an intricate piece of the puzzle, with your own way to fit, with your own energetic vibe let’s say we shall call it, and when you, aligned with that vibration can move through life, can be on the river of life, paddling at that vibration, you will find calm and you will find that no matter whatever comes your way, you will not stick and push and find it be uncomfortable but you will fit and flow and morph and change as your world does it also. 

So find your groove, dear humans, in this ever changing landscape of the jigsaw puzzle that is life on planet Earth right now, and recognize that it is a moving target. It will not ever come to a standstill. It will slow down at a certain point in your future, but not right now, so recognize that this is the case and allow yourself to be molded through the energy of the heart recognizing that you are love, and that the energy of fear is no longer the common energy on the planet and the faster you can recognize this with your conscious awareness, the easier life will be for you. It’s not that it’s difficult. It’s just that it’s new and like all transitions, it will take a little adjustment for your piece of the puzzle to fit, and then refit and then fit again in a new way. Think of it as a shifting, moving, transitioning experience for the next little while. 

And we are here. We are with you. We are watching. We are supporting. We are loving you. We are guiding and we are here as you move through this exciting life transition as a species, as individuals, as a planet within the galaxy and know that there are more than us in the galaxy here to support you but it is us who bring this message at this time. 

We are the Barr Council of the 8th dimension, a galactic council sent here, brought here to Earth at this time through this conduit to assist you as you move through these transitions, these monumental shifting moments, in this timeline. And with that we are complete.