We are the Barr Council. We are an intergalactic Council of Light and we wish to speak with you around the concept of time, around the paradigm of time, around the illusion of time. 

Time on your planet is constructed in segments; moments, seconds, minutes, hours, days, months, years, centuries. This was derived as a way for you to structure your world such that you would be able to exist within the 3D environment. The 3D environment is one of matter, solid and there are many forms of matter within 3D. You can look at water as an example, for water can hold itself in many different ways, as a vapor, as a liquid and a solid.  Temperature is what creates the different textures of the matter. 

But why are we telling you this?

The reason why we wish to bring you this subject today is so that you may begin to become aware of the idea that there is no such thing as time, for when you, as an individual, are living in the present, you are experiencing everything as it happens. There is, in a sense, no past and no future. For if you were to imagine time as a continuum; there are several ways that we can bring this example to you. You could see it as a line in front of you, going from left to right. Or you could see it as a circle in front of you with no beginning and no end. And as you are either standing on the line or standing within the circle, you are existing, you are experiencing, you are having, this moment. 

However, for many of you, you will experience this line of life, beginning, middle and end, with the past being behind you, and the future being in front of you. Meaning that it has already happened and for which you are complete, or it has not yet happened and is still yet to be completed. 

And yet, we would prefer that you look at this from the idea of being inside the circle, knowing that at any vantage point, you can see everything and anything that has happened, is happening or could happen. This is a vibrational shift of consciousness. Standing in the circle, looking at your current reality is your “now” moment. Standing in the circle, looking at another experience continues to be your now moment. In vibrational reality all of these now moments are simultaneously happening, and at any point with your point of focus, you can move yourself into that now moment.

The challenge while being on planet Earth is that you are in the third dimension of matter. It takes longer and more effort for you to move the matter that is you, into a different vibrational moment. When you are in the fifth dimension (5D), the matter that makes you up will be more light. This is meant physically and metaphorically, and so in those moments, in the fifth dimension, it is easier for you to shift your point of attraction, your point of focus, to a different now moment. The more now moments that you focus on, which are the ones that you really want, the more likely you will be able to shift to that now moment faster. 

The problem with humanity at this time, is that you are fixated on the now moments that you currently know of. It is as if this is the only reality that you are able to access. These are heavy dimensional moments where the vibration is low and they are generally not happy moments. They are lower on the vibrational scale, shall we say, and the vibration is at a lower level and so, sadness, grief, frustration, despair, these are lower vibrations and heavier and so it is much more difficult for you to shift, even your focus, to a higher vibration. 

But that is what we are inviting you to do in this moment, in this transmission, is to be aware that as you stand, you may call it within your circle, within a bubble, within your own time space reality, all around you are the possibilities of all timespace realities. And depending on your point of attraction, point of focus, train of thought, depends on which vibrational reality comes in. 

And so this transmission is simply an opportunity for you to understand the way that your world can exist and does exist at a very different reality. Yes, it is true for you that the past has happened and the future has not yet happened. This is currently your dimensional reality. However, we are opening up your minds to the idea of vibrational reality where you as an individual and as a collective, have the opportunity to focus on a very different vibration within your current reality that already exists. 

It is not in your future or in your past, but that with your moment of focus, your vibrational shift can move you to that experience. This is as simple as choosing to be happy, rather than being sad, seeing gratitude instead of judgment, noticing fortune instead of despair. This is a moment for you where you may practice this, to begin to see all of the good things that currently exist within your current space, time space reality, and believing that more good things are available within your current time space reality. And that all you have to do is use your power of focus and attraction and attention, and you will be able to experience a different time space reality within the current time space reality. 

All time space realities exist at the same time. They are within you and around you. Begin simple. Begin small, begin to think about what you want and make it something that is easy for you to attract. Begin to think about the experience that you wish to have, the feelings that you wish to have. These are the easiest ways for you to shift your own current reality. It is not impossible for you to shift to a different one, but it is a bigger jump. And so we suggest that you start slowly.

We will bring more opportunities and information for you to assist you with the ability to move within your own current time space reality. But for now, we hope that this has been helpful. And with that we are complete.