Potential clients often ask me… “how is coaching with you different from therapy?”  

In answering this question, we must first understand what coaching and therapy are.

Coaching is the process of understanding clearly where you are right now, figuring out where you want to go, and removing the blocks, and taking action to get there.  In my coaching practice I initially take clients through a thorough discovery process to determine what their baseline of life experience is, in the present moment. This covers all areas of life and we leave no stone un-turned. Then we have to know clearly where you want to go.  Once this is decided, and defined, we both know the destination we are heading for. 

Each session explores what is in the way of reaching that destination.  We more fully understand the situation, remove the obstacles, and define “agreed upon action taking” to get there. Accountability is a core component in the coaching process and at the outset, I as a coach, will often believe more in my client than they do in themselves. This is crucial for supporting the client’s journey to achieving their outcomes.

Talk therapy, on the other hand, is used primarily to determine and understand a client’s past and present experiences.  There is less chance a therapist will have the client make defined forward motion agreements to any destination and there is rarely an accountability agreement for new results.

In my coaching practice, clients often come to me when they have exhausted therapy.  Their situations are not improving, and they are frequently noticing their bodies beginning to break down from the continued, and unresolved, stress of their life.  They have spent a lot of time and money trying to figure it out and are stuck.  The therapy no longer seems to be working. 

My unique coaching work focuses on what we already know and what I intuitively discern (and check in with you about) in our initial conversation.  My specialized (tried and tested) tools and techniques help move you forward to where you want to go. It’s not always easy work, but if you commit to the process, you will get fabulous, life changing results. My interview process ensures that we are a perfect fit for working together before we begin.

No one session is identical as each situation warrants an intuitive approach to find the right resolution for where you are, at that particular moment.  Tools include but are not limited to powerful questioning, mind-mapping and intuitive guidance or channeling, as well as a bounty of coaching practices I have created over the years.

I use a variety of neuro-linguistic programming practices, specialized visioning processes and inner child meditations, as well as remote energetic healing to move blocks. I also guarantee that any process I ask you to work through will be one I have developed as a result of doing this kind of work myself.  My unique story and experience makes coaching with me “one of a kind each and every time”.

Most of my clients tell me after working with me (sometimes in even the first session), “I’ve been in therapy for a long time, and have made more progress with you now than I did in years of therapy.  Why did I not get this kind of work in therapy?”.  

I am fortunate and gifted in the blend of experience, education and extra-sensory perception that I have, to be able to use my skills to help individuals quickly move out of stress, doubt and overwhelm and into an authentic, conscious and fulfilling way of being. 

If you’re looking for a fast, effective and powerful unique coaching modality to make permanent shifts in your life, consider coaching with me.