Good morning. We are here. We are here to accompany you on this incredible journey that you are on, for humanity has started to move forward into a very new arena of life. It is an exciting and yet tumultuous time for you. You do not need to be frightened per se but we would certainly suggest that you stay alert, and activated to all of the different energies that are coming forward right now. 


For it is not just the coming forward of new higher vibrational energies that you should be attentive towards, but also to the idea that negative, we would say lower frequency energies, are being snuffed out. They are being extinguished. They are being blown away, removed, taken out of your atmosphere.

This is not always an easy process for if you are to imagine a great fire there is much smoke that comes with the fire and it takes time, for even when the fire goes out the smoke lingers and often creates a film, on and around everything that is near it. And so be cautious as you move forward to maintain a clean environment around you physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, for it is in your constant attention to your environment and its purity let’s say, that you shall find your greatest peace. If you allow the dust to settle, it will begin to feel claustrophobic and you will not feel clear of mind or of spirit. 


And so as you move forward in this time, we recommend that you begin to pay attention to your own personal environment. Of course, certainly in Canada and many other countries of this planet, you are now noticing that there is much shifting and changing happening, and so as you move forward in this time, in this timeline, in these multiple timelines that are all converging at this point in time, be conscious of what it is that you focus on. Are you continuing to follow your, what’s called mainstream media, fake news, negative programming? Which is what it is, for it has a very different vibration from anything that is of love, kindness, gentleness, purity and God. And are you associating with people who bend to that way of thinking, let’s say? 

Now it’s not to say that either is good or bad. It just is what it is but the thing to pay attention to dear ones, is the way that it makes you feel, for if you are sitting in a dusty environment that needs to be cleaned, you will feel claustrophobic. You will feel, let’s use unclean as a word but it is not the word that best describes the situation, however it will do for now. And so, in this experience you become aware of what energies and communications you are listening to, which communications and information you are watching, seeing and putting your focus on.


And also as you are doing that to pay attention to what you are speaking, what you are physically saying and emotionally thinking, for there is a tendency for you to disbelieve when things are changing for the better. And so we would suggest that you sit quietly with yourselves, open your hearts, and allow your own divine soul, nature, experience wisdom, to come through and guide you each and every day. And we do suggest that you do this each and every day, for at this time the shifts and changes that are happening are monumental, and they are frequent, if not ongoing. 

And so you will find that from one day to the next there are shifts and changes. There are moments of what would say, pure madness perhaps with some things that are happening, and in other moments great magnificence of clarity, forward thinking, open hearted kindness, and genuine love. We suggest that you focus on the latter, bringing those energies into your daily vibration. And if anything feels off, or doesn’t feel good to you, redirect yourself away from it. This is not sticking your head in the sand and ignoring it. It is making a choice. It is choosing not to focus on that which displeases you, which upsets you, which makes you uncomfortable. For many of you you will go through a curve of this discomfort as things are revealed and as experiences are hard as energy changes but stay the course for the end is in sight and now you have made a dramatic shift on your planet energetically, which is going to continue. 


Although of course, it takes some time to clean up the mess that has been created by the fire and the smoke. And so in your small part of the world, do your best to do that in your own home, with your family, with your friends, in the workplace, in your world, with your body, with your mind. Begin to come to the purest essence of you and recognize that that is also in everyone else around you. And do all of this with love, recognizing that there is cleanup required at this point in time and once that has been completed, there will be new growth and Spring will bloom here, certainly in the Northern Hemisphere, and in the Fall in the Southern Hemisphere, things will come to rest. They will be complete. 


And so this is a transition, a shift on your planet for you all. And so simply be in the experience, noticing what has you feel good versus the opposite. And take each day as it comes, making your choices simply for that day. It does not mean that you do not plan for the future for you can, to a certain extent, but setting your intention with each day to be of love, of peace, of harmony. This is the best way to quell any anxiety that exists within you about what is happening, or what may happen, and know that you are fully and completely supported by many here on your planet and also in the galaxies, and with that we are complete.