Bosie Testimonials

Audience Member

“Gail has a warm heart and a great personality.

Her energy helps people relax and feel at ease.”

Audience Member

“Gail is extremely intuitive and has a gift for understanding people and how we self sabotage.  Her authentic wisdom and frank approach is genuine and forthcoming.”

Audience Member

“Gail has an amazing personality, is incredibly strong and fully there for people.”

Meeting Planner

“I have brought Gail in to speak for my women’s group as a workshop leader and I recommend her to anyone looking for more guidance in the area of love, relationships and trusting oneself”

Audience Member

“Thanks for helping me during my greatest struggle without judgment.  You are brilliant and very talented.”

Thank you for the reading you did for me. I’ve been listening to the recording and sleeping with it. I find it very beneficial. Your reading for me was a blessing. The whole thing was beautiful. It’s already making  a great impact on me. There was an activation. I feel different, my thoughts are different.  In knowing what you said, and how you spoke, and sang, I have to tell you it was so powerful and profound for me. 

Thank you, thank you, thank you, for all you gave me. ❤️

Carol G.

Channeling Client

For the past 4 years, I have received invaluable messages/information from my many, many spirit guides channeled through Gail Scott. These messages assist me with the upcoming year. It gives me a guideline of what may happen and always comes with the caution that it is all up to me. It is my choice.

Besides the channeled messages, Gail picks 2-3 cards from a variety of decks which adds to the messages. I am always amazed at how these cards intertwine with what Gail shares with me.

Gail also receives instruction for sharing at least one, and often 2, crystals that go along with the reading.

These sessions are done in the comfort of your home or wherever you are via ZOOM.

After each session, you receive a recording of the session along with pictures of each card and description as well as a description of each crystal. I relisten to these sessions many times throughout the year.

I highly recommend Gail Scott. She is a seasoned, very knowledgeable, professional channeler.

Book a session with Gail. Invest in yourself.  You will probably become a repeat customer as I have!

Jean Price

Channeling Client, The Diva Coach

Gail has guided me through the process of transmuting the relationship with my daughter. Through a series of visualizations, based on my choices I have honored the past and created an opening for new ways of being. Guilt has been put aside, the relation with my daughter is now based on equality, respect, love and compassion. Thank you Gail for creating such an enchanting experience for me.

Agata MJ

Coaching Client

I have been doing sessions with Gail for 4 years now. Gail has helped me work through many different areas of my life. Our sessions have helped me minimize my negative self talk, redirect my negative thought patterns, cope through grief and loss, change my self beliefs and confusion around my identity, manage my anger, learn how to not take situations personally, work through disagreements and trauma in my relationships with others, and healthy and effective communication.

Overall, the greatest concept I have learned through my sessions with Gail is acceptance of what I cannot change, and being gentle with myself when working on what I can change. My confidence in myself has grown exponentially. To get to where I am has taken time, but with Gail I have been able to celebrate small wins and significant breakthroughs.

Gail is incredibly patient, and non judgemental. I feel safe and respected in our sessions. I am truly grateful for Gail and her support. I highly recommend Gail to anyone seeking support and guidance navigating personal challenges.

Rachel H

Coaching Client

I just want to say how much I appreciated your help, the dark clouds have lifted. It feels good.

Julie Fleming

Intuitive Guidance Client

“When I met Gail I was struggling and desperate. I was close to giving up and believed that my relationship experiences had caused my trust issues.  Working with Gail I was able to see the bigger picture. We pinpointed the reasons why things were happening, and throughout our discussions I found new ways to think, behave, feel and work to create a much stronger sense of confidence and trust in myself.  I moved from doubt, guilt, deception and power struggles to trust, ease, happiness and joy in every area of my life. Through her unique tools and practices Gail helped me create personalized rituals for a more mindfulness based life. I also learned how to connect to my inner child for a deep sense of peace and joy.  I am now more present and trusting every day.  I have seen improvements in every area of my life and I am clear on my life goals, dreams and priorities for moving forward. I am able to share openly and authentically with others and I feel excited about what the next chapter of my life will bring. Gail’s coaching set me on a path of discovery and change, and has been transformational on every level. I would highly recommend her coaching to anyone who is ready for change.”
Heeseung Ko

Coaching Client

The intuitive session you gave me was astounding. I agreed with everything you said, as if all my thoughts in the recent past were confirmed by your guides. Your words were spot on. Each question I asked was answered in full, with timing to know when to look for the changes. Your answers made me feel good about my own decisions that I had made before the session. After the session, when I had had time to assimilate your words, I felt myself finally relaxing, after months of feeling tense and worried. You said to lighten up and I believe I have begun to do so. You said there’s no rush and that changed something inside me so that I could relax, something I have not been able to do in a long time. I am so very grateful for your help and now look forward to my life, with hope and trust. The best is yet to come. Thank you.
Honey Coleman

Intuitive Guidance Client

Working with Gail is a shot at gaining the insight that is lurking around but, perhaps, not quite visible. The ten weeks were transformational. Literally. Even though I went into our sessions with three clear goals, it became apparent to me shortly that limiting beliefs and old stories were fueling a lot of confusion, frustration and anger. Gail kept me on track. She didn’t lay the track but made sure that as it became visible that I was able to steer the rails. Gail never coddled but was acutely sensitive to make suggestions at opportune moments. It takes a special sensitivity to do this productively. Gail has that antennae. I have left off the ten weeks with a great deal of relaxed but absolutely ferocious clarity about who I am and who I am not. Thanks, Gail!
Thom Vernon

Coaching Client

“Just wanted to express my gratitude from all the help and guidance that I received from you as a Life Skills Coach. For the longest time, I had no direction in my goals, with your guidance and patience I am able to sort out, and strive towards those goals, such as tackling the hurdles that are needed to change my career (music theory & getting a grade 12 education.) Without your help, I believe I’d still be running around the hamster wheel. Thank you again, love and peace”.
Richie Moodie

Coaching Client

“Gail Scott has an incredible talent for getting to the bottom of things. Present her with a problem you’re having, and her guiding questions lead you right to the root of the problem. She provides you with a plan consisting of clear action steps to help you resolve it. Twelve weeks of coaching with Gail made incredible changes in my life.”

Marnie Sohn

Coaching Client

“Working with Gail has provided clarity, direction and confidence for me to take the steps needed to build my business and create success, in both my personal and professional life. Gail’s powerful questioning skills allowed me to discover what was holding me back and created new possibilities for moving forward.”

Honey Coleman

Coaching Client

“Working with Gail has given me an incredible opportunity to explore, connect and create a real relationship with myself. As we clearly defined the important areas of my life where I wanted change, my goals became easy for me to see and understand, and tangible for me to reach. My desire was to have a richness of life that was not currently available to me because of hidden fears and obstacles. I am now able to focus on myself, my goals and what I want in life in a way that was not possible before we started. I have learned how to create balance in my life, how to live with intention, and how to have honest peaceful conversations with myself and others, while still trusting myself and feeling deserving of being heard. I have gained an understanding of, and connection with my past, which allows me to step strongly into who I really am today in a place of deep inner trust, vulnerability and honesty. I am now wholeheartedly connected to living authentically and in committed action, and have found a new peace in communicating with love and acceptance. This shows up both in my relationships with others, and especially with myself, and I have come to realize that prior to coaching I did not think this was possible. My world view, experience and expectation of life is now much richer and more meaningful than before.” 
Julie Cowan

Coaching Client

“Entering into the coaching relationship took a giant leap of faith. I had literally lost my connection to my soul. I was feeling very wary, depressed and unsure of life, love and the Universe’s participation with me here on earth. I didn’t trust easily and believed that I’d been dealt a very bad hand. I was confused and feeling down on my luck. Working with Gail was an experience like no other. It was life changing. I have awareness of myself now that I just couldn’t have known before. I am now much more trusting of myself, others and especially my Guides, Angels and the Universe. My worldview is now more positive, hopeful and clear. I have come to understand the part I play, and how I can change my reality by changing my thinking. I feel loved, guided and optimistic in a way that I didn’t know was possible. I am honoring who I am and have a greater awareness about my choices and subsequent actions and consequences. With Gail as my coach, I feel like I had a hand to hold in the darkness and one by one lights were turned on, and now so much has opened up for me. I am now looking forward to continuing this work as I move forward in a life with more trust, security and guidance.” 

Laurie Pinkos

Coaching Client

“Performance Coaching with Gail has been a rewarding learning experience that has brought self awareness to my daily way of dealing with life’s challenges. Gail was able to pull me out of being mentally stuck in the usual rut of daily responsibilities. As a coach she was my guidance to my inner awareness of answers to change my routine into a balance that made me feel a rewarding sense of self. With life’s routine and stress, we all fall into the trap of losing ourselves, and performance coaching is a mental practice of self reflection of what has caused me to lose myself. Gail demonstrated her coaching skills to assist me to recapture myself”.
Gabriela Silvestre

Coaching Client

“Gail is a very thoughtful, insightful and hands on coach. Her techniques, strategies and tools were just what I needed to help me through part of my transformation and a wonderful pre-birthday gift to myself. I have never been clearer about who I TRULY am and how I AUTHENTICALLY wish to continue pursuing my dreams, valuing what I hold dear, honouring myself and letting go of limiting beliefs. Thank you Gail for seeing the REAL me and helping me bring myself to the surface!”
Janette Burke

Coaching Client

I have had the honor of working with Gail Scott for two years and she is one of the most dynamic and compassionate coaches and speakers you will ever find. She tells stories that will touch your heart and her passion and enthusiasm for everyone she works with lights up the room. If you ever have a chance to get her in front of an audience you do not want to miss it!!

Barbara Fagan

Co-Founder and President, Source Point Training

“I think back to when I first started coaching with Gail Scott, and I can’t believe how far I’ve come!  My goals back then seemed so ‘limited’ — and I feel my results are more than what I anticipated – – they are limitless!  My coaching plan was a tall order; yet, I feel that there has been a real transformational shift, so that at the beginning of my coaching I would have said:  “are you sure you can?”…. I can now say “watch me”!

Licia Donadonibus

Coaching Client

Gail’s coaching changed my life! She helped me understand and crumble the obstacles that were in my way and allowed me to see the benefits of putting myself out there – to be myself – so that I could achieve MY life goals. Anyone needing a little guidance to find the happiness they deserve in life would be well served to seek out Gail. She is a genuine, caring person who helps you believe in yourself and your dreams and that anything is possible if you believe.
Lesia Tomkins

Coaching Client