Many of you say you wish to live in a different world, a world of peace, a world where everyone gets along so to speak, a world where everything works and there is no disarray. Oh, this is coming dear ones, but not for a little bit, for the journey that you are on right now is one of transition, transmutation and transformation, and it appears as if it is a long way off, this idyllic world that you seek. 

And yet it is simply present for you right now if you look for it. For in every moment that you have joy, satisfaction, fulfillment, you are in that world and so the practice that we would suggest for you to create this, is “awareness”. This is consciousness 101, I guess you could say, and this is where you, as an individual become aware of the choices you’re making, the decisions, the people you hang out with, the thoughts that you have in your head, the things that come out of your mouth, what you say to one another, the attitude that you live with, the behaviors that you exhibit, the boundaries that you do or do not set. The ability to be conscious takes, of course, consciousness. 

So what is it that you are not seeing in your life that would allow you to live in this idyllic state now? 

You don’t have to wait. You don’t have to wait for world peace, for everything to end and a new world to begin. You can create this dynamic in your current reality right now, based on the way that you are. We shall say that again. You can create this reality in the world that you live in right now based on who you are.

So who are you? 


You are an element of Source energy, the God particle. You have the Divine within you which you can access any time you wish, oh, but many of you don’t, for you believe that it is outside of you but this is simply a folly. This is simply a programmed paradigm you have bought into, so to speak.

Oh yes, it worked for you in your past. You created this dogma of religion to experience all that came with that, and wasn’t it magnificent? However, now in this moment, your consciousness level can change, it can elevate, it can grasp new ideas in terms of how to be in your world. Does this sound a little confusing? Perhaps. It requires you to let go of all thoughts, beliefs, paradigms, patterns, programs and expand your awareness outside of yourselves in recognizing that you are bigger than you seem, and yet you are also, all that is. Everything in the universe is in you. 

Hmm. Now that might have been a little confusing. So let’s dial it back a little bit and make it a little more simpler for you. You see, if you, and it is not if, but it is you, contain Source energy, the Divine, God, what does this mean? This means that you get to create and you are a creator. Of course you are the ultimate creator of your life. You get to choose in every moment, the world that you live in. Is it joyful, or is there heartache? Is it easy or is there tragedy? Is there drama or are you calm? These are choices that, with self awareness, your consciousness can be connected to in any moment. 

Is it easy? Maybe not. Or maybe it could be. It takes an element of the “I Am”, the wonder of all, the revelation we would say, that you are, Love. You are love. You are not fear. You are not stress. You are not anxiety. You are not worry. You are not all of those things, unless you choose this in your existence, in your world. You are sovereign beings, created from the Divine light into an element of humanity, an experience of being human, for fun, to play, to explore. And now you are expanding at a photonic light level that many of you are completely unaware of. We say that again. You are expanding at a photonic light level that many of you are unaware of. This photonic light will assist you to create this new world into which you do wish to belong. And it is your thoughts and your actions that will augment this light in creating this new reality. And you can do it in a moment, in a heartbeat, for it is only in your choices, your outlook, your attitude, your beliefs.

Love. Love is the answer. Oh yes, this sounds a little romantic. It sounds a little like a storybook. It sounds like Cinderella, oh “love is the answer”. What do we mean by that? We mean that when you are grounded in your heart, coming from love, then, then you will be creating this world in which you wish to live. Yes, you are going through some major transitions right now on your planet. Huge upgrades, the “spiritual people” say. It’s simply an evolution. And what can you do to be a little happier, to be less fearful? Spend time with yourself. Let go of the fear of your future and embrace the joy of today. Enjoy the small moments of pleasure, focus on play, creativity. Enjoy the energy that brings you into a place of groundedness, laughter, pleasure, love, hope and be willing to let go and ignore in fact, the things that upset you, for it is in your direct focus that you create. And so if you are focusing on negativity, fear, concern, of course, you will create more of this. 

Does it mean that you won’t fight? You won’t argue? You won’t move forward for a better world? 

Yes, you will. There are those of you that are here to create that dynamic. And for the rest of you, it is to uphold the light. It is to take a critical look at who you are being in every moment and defining whether or not this is your truth. Defining what you do. Are you placating? Are you in fear? Are you “going along to get along”? All of these ways of being are indeed challenging we would say, for they are not of love. They are not of the light. They are not heart centered.  Yes, sometimes you have to be a warrior, a spiritual warrior, an “on the ground” warrior, to be of the light. That is the role some of you have chosen. Stand up, make noise, create change. For others, your task is to hold the light, be love, meditate, send love out, be that, we would say grounded force in others’ lives. For some of you, you will be messengers, communicators, orators, you will be writers, you will be inspirers, leaders. There are many different roles required by many different people to create this new world that you are walking into. It’s time to stand up and be, and be, and be what you came here to be. 

Oh, many of you may say, I don’t know what my purpose is? We suggest that in that moment, you meditate. You get out in nature. You sit and you write your heart’s content out onto paper. You decide what it is that you want to build in your life? Is it a peaceful environment for your children? Is it a school to teach them? Is it a workplace that holds respect? Is it employment where people are allowed to be in their sovereignty, critically thinking, making their own choices?

These are not easy times for you at this time, dear humans, but it is exciting times for you are creating your new world. And this is an opportunity for you to transform the energy on your beautiful planet, in alignment with the photon light that is coming on. If you’re listening to this message for the very first time, and you have no idea what we mean when we say photon light, don’t worry about it. Just recognize that it is powerful. And it is creating shifts that change worlds, and one of those worlds that is changing is yours. And connect into your source of love, of light, of energy within your heart and recognize that what makes you feel good, makes others feel good too, and do more of that. And be the leader in your family, be the leader in your community, be the one that is the hopeful one, be love. Be generous.

But don’t be a martyr and don’t be a victim. Those roles are very old energy that will not serve you, will not bring you forward, will not inspire you. Take back your sovereignty dear ones, for it has been aeons that you have lost it. It’s not a bad thing. We’re not saying it’s a bad thing. It’s what was chosen for the evolution of your species and the interaction we would say with all kinds of beings. And now, and now you start the journey home, home to a new light, home to a new love, home to a bigger place of sovereignty than ever before. So become aware of who you really are dear ones. Focus in on that and let that come forward in your every day. We support you. We love you. And we are with you on the journey, and with that we are complete.