So, you ask what is going to happen now, in your world? 

Well, we cannot tell you that, for there are many factors to be considered universally, galactically, earthly, humanly, other energies, other species that are involved, the Archon, the Greys, the Reptilians; although their energy is far, far, far less than it has ever been on your planet now, however the clones that still exist, that are still being driven through this energy, are attempting your New World Order which has been their plan for a very long time.  However, it is being, how should we describe this to you? It is being played out, we would say, in your linear timeframe right now, and so, it is almost as if you are seeing it happen in slow motion and this is why every single individual action appears to be so deliberate, and so pointed, and so clean and clear. And yet, it is only because this slowdown of your linear time is showing this frame by frame experience of this timeline, and this is very deliberate from a galactic perspective, in order to assist you for the mass population. They are not seeing what is going on at every level and so, in order for that to be shown, there is a requirement within your linear timeline, let’s say, to take it literally one frame at a time. 

What’s in the Future?
If we were to take you, and we were to show you, for example, by the time you get to 2025, 2026, you will see a very different kind of Earth. That is not where you are right now. Right now, you are in 2021 and 2021, through 2022, and even into 2023 is going to have breakdown and break through. It is going to have revealing and noticing. It is going to have, we would say, an element of mirroring available to those who are beginning to come online, to see the energetic arena that is playing out in your world. 

So you ask, what can you do to navigate this choppy water, we would say, at this time? 

Well, you are very aware that it is a spiritual dimension, it is a realm, it is a paradigm, it is a matrix, so to speak, within each frame that you are noticing and so, you are able to, in a sense, be the observer of this. The easiest way for you, and any individual, to let us say, cope with this, we shall not call it a tragedy for it is not, but you might call it tragic circumstances that are being played out on your planet in your realm, is to disengage yourself from the experience of others. It is not that you become less compassionate or less empathic, or less caring, or less considerate of the idea that others are having difficult experiences.  It is that you do not need to integrate or assimilate any of that energy into your own field. It is a very, how would we describe this? It’s not easy. It is a common experience for a human being from their sentience perspective, their emotional vibration, let’s say, to resonate with other individuals’ vibrations. This of course is common and it creates growth, and it creates this mirror experience, and it creates universal laws of attraction and all that goes with that. However, in this upgrading from your DNA structure into this crystalline structure, this experience as a human is not going to be your new normal for there will be other key codes and DNA code activations coming online that will assist you to be able to assimilate more smoothly and with more functionality into the 5D crystalline environment. 

And here right now, you are going through this transition period. So, what do you do in this current realm, in this current incarnation, let us say that you are experiencing here at this time on this planet?


Practical Assistance for Right Now
You separate yourself vibrationally from others who are not aligning with your vibration. Now, this is not a simple task, for of course each individual unit/person has their own vibrational level going on, and you will or will not tap in and align with some things and others. It depends. And so, meditation would be a very useful tool. In fact, you may wish to set up a schedule where you can meditate together.  Even once a week would be beneficial for your light bodies, for your light beings. In fact, you may even create a meditation group for those in your fold, let’s say, for to create that meditation group where this one can channel energetic key codes to maintain this vibrational level so that no matter what is going on outside of your field, it does not impact the auric balance that you have from your own individual experience of planet Earth at this time. This shall not be a new experience and you will be bringing people into your fold who have already done it also but for some there there will be new souls who will not have experienced this level of vibrational alignment and vibrational bringing together so to speak. 

Because for the next, we would say 18 months at least, there will be more of this going on. It is not a smooth road beyond from now let us say until the beginning of 2023. It is not to say that you need to panic or worry or get involved or embroiled with what might happen for things are going to happen that are out with your control but what is within your control is your vibrational alignment, your ability to connect deeply at a spiritual level so that that element of vibration can be harnessed and it can feed your human vibrational experience. We say this for the vibrational experience you have as a soul impacts your body’s vibrational alignment and the matching between the two is where you have coherence. It is where you have alignment. It is where you have synergy. It is a symbiotic experience between these two kinds of energy. 

If you choose to experience this within a group setting, if you choose to bring in others it is amplified. It is as if you are lights on a grid and the more connections you create in this environment, the more light is amplified, let’s say. This does not mean that anything will change around you. It will play out exactly as it is going to depending on the choices made by others that we mentioned already and depending on what the human species population decides to do. This is not simply here in this northern North American hemisphere, but worldwide, across the globe, within the whole world, within the whole planet. 

Don’t be concerned, it’s not going to go badly, it’s already played out, it’s already been revealed, it’s already moved into its 5D alignment space but when you see your journey frame by frame, it feels like it is very far away to get to the end.  Of course, there is no end, it’s just a new beginning, let’s say. 

Recap and Timelines
So let us recap for you. Your challenge at this time is to maintain your own vibrational alignment. It is to not allow yourself like a sponge to soak up any other non aligned vibrations that are out there. It is to stay in your sovereignty. It is to stay in the energy of the heart. It is to stay being the light that you are, that you bring forward, that you’ve always had, that can be amplified in this space. And one way that you can do that is to meditate together and create a group to support others. This group might become very large, if you choose to extend it to anyone globally.  This is a bigger deal than what we first started with but this is possible, to create this kind of energetic field, let’s say, vibrational emitting, that will, in a sense reverberate out into the atmosphere. For you know the power of the meditation experience, and it doesn’t have to be confusing or complicated. It is simply a bringing together of lights in order to amplify, to be stronger and brighter. 

It won’t change the timeline. The timeline is set. It is all going to be played out the way it’s going to be played out. Your focus is not to sit and look at each individual frame. Your focus is to be the light, is to maintain your vibration and it is to be in your sovereignty, coming from the heart, using whatever means you can as a human and as a spiritual being, to create love. And to hold that love in whatever action, space, place, person you are dealing with. That is the joy. That is the place where you will find peace. And to let go any fear about how it’s all going to play out. 

There are individuals who have their part to play in how it’s all going to play out. You don’t have to be concerned about that. Make your choices coming from your own sovereignty, your own integrity.  Is this going to be easy for others? No, that’s the journey of the soul. That’s the growth experience that’s each individual unit of consciousness’s choice in how they move forward in this shifting, evolving paradigm in which you find yourself in this incarnation.

And hold fast to the light for you are it and as you extend this out, it’s really your choice. It depends on how much you want to put effort into it but we don’t want you to put effort into it. We want it to be smooth, easy, coming from love. So let go. Let go of the ego. Let go of the fear. Let go of holding on to what you think things are and expand through your heart into your soul’s energy for it is very powerful. And use that even if other people don’t understand what you’re talking about or don’t get it. They will feel it and that will be a beautiful thing. We feel that this is sufficient information at this time. We love you, we support you, we are you. We are watching and we are enjoying your journey with you and we love you and with that we are complete.