What is the best thing individuals can do to alleviate stress in their bodies, minds and hearts? I asked my Guides for help, and below is the message I received.

Managing Stress Right Now!

The question I have is surrounding stress. How do people cope with the amount of stress that they’re facing right now, especially in these times when things are so uncertain? What is the best thing that they can do in order to alleviate stress in their bodies, and in their minds and in their hearts? 

Today is November 26 2020 and this is Gail Scott channeling.

These are the Green Beings of the 6th Dimension, and we are here to answer this question regarding stress in your body. For many of you, you have ignored the effects of stress in your body for a very long time, until it kind of, comes to a head, so to speak. And in coming to a head what we mean by that is, you are afflicted with some kind of STOP sign.  This may be a heart problem, or a digestive issue, or a circulatory problem, or even a more serious disease like diabetes, heart disease, cancer, or some autoimmune disorder where your body has come to a point where it must speak more loudly to you for you are not listening, and you are so busy in your day to day experience, that you are, in essence, disconnected from your body.

You see, stress is an energy. It is a vibration that is both good and challenging, for your nervous system is built and designed to be able to manage varying vibrations coming at you. This is the essence of your humanity. For you have the ability to be able to go with the flow, so to speak, you also have a nervous system, which can ensure that you are kept safe. However, over time, the experiences where you were not safe have decreased from a physical perspective, and yet from an emotional perspective, they have increased, for in your timeline right now there is a multitude of vibrations which do not resonate well with your human body as it stands. And so these vibrations create a need for you to recalibrate, so to speak. And when you do not take enough rest, quiet time, and be in your heart energy, you will find it extremely difficult to recalibrate. 

Stress is not in and of itself a bad thing for you as humans, for it allows you to experience a wide range of different things such as adventure, ecstasy, fear, novel experiences, even things that may seem contrary to what you may want to experience, for it is the different levels of emotional fortitude, we would say that you have within you, that allows you to have a richer, more expansive experience as a human being. However, you do not only exist in the physical, you also exist within the emotional and the spiritual, but when you are not connected emotionally or spiritually, the physical matter that takes up your body cannot hold all of the vibration and maintain its status quo, and so it will go off kilter, so to speak. 

And so what is required from a human perspective is to assimilate all three vibrations in a way that creates harmony within you, and so we would say harmony, physically, harmony, emotionally, and harmony spiritually. It is not that you would, at this time certainly, stay in a place of harmony at all times, for you are currently being bombarded with many different variations of vibration, for many different reasons for which we will not go into the detail of that at this time.

But suffice to say that your job right now is to begin to notice when one of these three areas is “off”. When we say “off” you will know physically, because you will feel it, you will have a sense that something is not working right, and you will have been given nudges, messages, opportunities to change some of your behaviors. For many of you, you choose to ignore these signs, and your ego tends to, want what it wants, and this can be refusing to rest, being addicted to drama, having substances that are in excess, and perhaps even not getting enough sleep, or spending too much time on your digital technology. Even eating foods which you know do not agree with your body or are good for you; this activity is a pattern, and you, in a sense, ignore the interrupt that comes to you, for it does come to you, but you choose to ignore it. 

When you are seeking peace at an emotional and a spiritual level, it is necessary for you to stop, to take a timeout so to speak, as you would give to a young one who is having a temper tantrum. As adults, you generally no longer have temper tantrums, however that vibrational level of unease is still inherent within your body as a result of the experiences that you are having and so there is an imbalance within you, which for many of you, you have switched off the knowing to this imbalance. And so we add again, stress is not inherently a bad thing. The management of stress, however, is something that could be improved upon. 

We would suggest that you look at this as a three legged stool for example, physical, emotional, spiritual. Where in your life are you ignoring what you really need at a physical level? Are you hydrated? Do you get enough sleep? Are you eating too much sugar? Do you drink too much? Are you eating too much fast food? Are you not eating enough? Are you eating too much? These are all questions that can address the stress that sits physically within your body. There are many advice givers out there who have good ideas for you to be able to improve. However, as the saying goes, you can take a horse to water, but if it doesn’t want to drink, it doesn’t matter how many times you hear someone telling you whether something is good for you or not, if you do not have the desire to change, then nothing will change. And so you have to tap into why you desire to change. What is it about new behavior, new choices, new thoughts, new food, new ideas, new habits? Why would these be in your benefit? You can read all the statistics that you want regarding disease and unhealthy habits, but until you as an individual make the choice to change, it is almost impossible to break the pattern of these unhealthy experiences that you continue to have on a daily basis. 

For many of you emotional stability is not something you enjoy.  The Kali Yuga Iron energy of eons which is ending as we speak, has made it extremely difficult for you, as a species, to be connected emotionally, and so the cessation of this period is something that is going to improve this and bring you a more stable emotional state. More awarenesses will be coming forth for you to both recognize and manage your emotions. There is the idea that an emotion which feels bad, is bad. However, we would caution you with this way of thinking, for just as black is no less than white, sad is no less than happy, and so we suggest that although the experience of any emotion can be seen on a spectrum and felt at a measure, we suggest that you simply go with the flow.  

This is easier said than done.  One thing that you can do is to be centered in your body and realize that all emotion is simply energy in motion, and once the emotion has vibrated to its fullest, it will begin to dissipate. It is not to say that some of you may not be on a roller coaster of emotion, and this is to be expected based on your past experiences, where for many, many years emotions have been pushed down and hidden and not expressed freely. 

This will be changing moving forward, where the awareness of yourselves as human sentient beings, filled with the capacity to be able to emote, will bring on a new awareness and a freedom to be able to be emotional, without judgment, shame, ridicule, or anyone else’s opinion being put on you. And so we suggest that you become centered in your bodies, even go so far as to educate yourselves about what emotions are, and give name to these emotions. Giving name to these emotions is a very beneficial, educational tool for you, for in any moment, you may ask yourself, “what emotion am I feeling?” for unless you are numb and not connected, you will always have an emotion running through your particular DNA. 

So we recommend that you find a list, whether it be the Emotional Guidance Scale that Abraham has brought forward, or the Wheel of Emotions that you can find on your internet, or even just writing down the names of the emotions that you do recognize, and seeking to learn more about each of those, and the spectrum of different words that describe each of those main emotions, for there is a spectrum and you are on it.  When you are connected physically to your body, you will in a sense feel the emotions. Stress is exhibited in both the body and the emotional state, and when you can be aware of where you sit in any given moment on these two legs of this three legged stool, you are making a start towards managing your stress better.

Spiritual alchemy is the last leg of the stool. Spiritual alchemy is understanding that you as a human being are also a spiritual being. And so, there is a vibrational level within your physical body, which is energetic and purely non physical.  This energy is always pure Divine love. For many of you, you will have disconnected from this energy because of the information that has been taught to you growing up regarding religion. Religion in and of itself is not a bad thing, but it is not the same as spiritual alchemy. And so to understand that you are both a physical body and a spiritual body helps you to cross the divide we would say, between what you are experiencing at a physical level and what you are experiencing at an energetic level. And so as you can see, all three of these legs of the stool are all interconnected. And when one is short, the stool may topple, and this of course will create stress for you. 

So from a spiritual perspective, can you trust that all of your needs will be met? It may not be that you get everything that you want, however that is coming from an ego place, versus a divine love of acceptance of your current reality. We would suggest that in any given moment, you address the question within your heart and find a place within there, to accept that all is as it should be, even if you are experiencing stress. When you can connect to the God Source, Divine Love, whatever you wish to call the inherent spiritual energy within you, you can find a place of peace, and when you can rest in that place of peace, letting go of any other desires or wishes for it to be any different, you will find yourself very solid on that leg of the stool. 

We are not suggesting for a moment that this is an easy practice for it is a great challenge for you as humans, and this is the nature of being human on planet Earth at this time.  We are very pleased to surround you with divine love to assist you on this journey and also to encourage you to understand that this is changing.  Spiritual alchemy will become easier and easier as the vibration of your planet increases as you move forward through 4D and into 5D. 5D is an energetic plane, where love is the common factor, and as you can see at this time you are not there yet, and so there is more alchemization that is required. When you can take the time to focus on all three of these legs of the stool; your physical situation, your emotional state, your spiritual connection, you will be able to balance these more clearly, more effectively, more efficiently and more successfully.

The best thing that you can do at this time is to begin a practice of self love.  Begin to treat yourself with the utmost of respect and begin to take very good care of yourself. Notice where you are overextending yourself. Notice where you are in a pattern that doesn’t serve you. For example, notice when you are scrolling your internet without thinking.  Notice when you are eating food absentmindedly without thinking. Notice when you are not taking the action, that you can sense is an intuitive nudge for you to do.  All of these noticings will assist you in alchemizing; alchemizing up into the energy of love. 

This is a process.  It is not a quick fix, and it is not a quick process either. It is as if you are climbing the rungs of a ladder, and so, as you move up the ladder and get higher, you can look back and notice where you have come from. Over time, we often have noticed that humans need to stop for a moment, rest, get their breath back, before they can move forward. Please take the time to do this and when you do, recognize that in taking this time, like a timeout for your children, that you are practicing self love. 

This is not an easy time for you on the planet, and the more you can be aware of the lack of self love in your daily practices, the more you will be attuned to what you really need. And when you are attuned to what you really need, you can then make new decisions and take new actions. Stress is simply an energy. The efforting that comes with stress can be in a flow, or can be forced. You get to choose.  Slowing down and taking stock helps you to reduce the energy of the stress. The world is not going to stop turning, and things will not stop moving, but that does not mean that you where you are, cannot take a moment or a few, to get grounded, centered and connected into your body, your mind and your heart. This will be the most beneficial thing that you could do on a regular basis in order to alleviate the pressure of some of the stress that you feel. 

We hope that this message has been helpful for you and we shall come again with ideas and advice; simply suggestions in order for you to transition during this alchemization process. Once again we love you and we fill you with light, surrounding you with love, pure light and divine intention, and with that, we are complete.