We are moving into a new world where men and women navigate their nature and definition of themselves from the inside out, rather than being influenced by external factors.  Learn today how this will impact you and others, as we begin to understand how gender, energy and expression of the Feminine and Masculine will evolve moving forward.

Today is November 28th, 2020, and this is Gail Scott channeling The Revolutionaries. 

We are The Revolutionaries. We are a Galactic Council of Light and we are here to assist in Earth’s transition into its new phase of love and light; love being the feminine energy and light being the masculine, love being the receiving, and light being the giving. 

There has been a, not drastic, but intense, yes, intense is a good word to describe this, an intense polarity on your planet and with your species for a very, very long time, and this has been an adventure for humanity, to begin to understand the dynamics of both polarities, feminine and masculine. And now at this time, as you begin to weave into a new level of consciousness, you will notice that the dynamics of both of these polarities will begin to shift and morph, and weave together and separate again, but the separation shall not be distinct as it has been in the past for each individual holds both polarities, feminine and masculine, and these polarities are distinct, individual, cosmic, and bring with them a series of thoughts, emotions, feelings, actions, direction and clarity. For when you are predominantly one or the other you will know it. 

 It has been in the past the domain of the feminine to be the gender of the feminine, and it has been the domain of the masculine energy to be predominantly housed within the male of your species. However, you will have noticed over the last little while that your sexual orientation and gender diversity has dramatically changed, and this has been an evolutionary process in order for you, as a species, rather than being male or female, but as a human species, to embody these polarities in new and different ways. This is in effect an evolutionary process for you, and it is not yet complete nor shall it ever be, but complete in a sense that you would understand that there be some normalcy around this. 

And why would this be relevant? For you are evolving as a species moving forward on your beautiful Gaia, Mother Earth planet, and we would want to encourage you to be open to all forms of experimentation in this arena, for it is in the adventure of experimentation that you will begin to diversify more and more which will give you the opportunity to have different experiences. For many of you, you have been rigid in the polarity that has housed your bodies and we are excited to be here to support you with a little more fluidity and flexibility, both within your minds and your bodies. 

And sexual orientation is not restricted to gender, but to being a human being. There have been stagnancies and advancements in this area over many years. Stagnancies tend to leave you feeling very individualized, lost and alone, and you lose your connection to your collective as a whole when this occurs. There are of course, other benefits to stagnancy as within the polarity for it allows time for growth at a level that you would not see, but that you would later experience.  

For just as on your planet there are times when things are fallow, this is also true for these polarities. And then, as with the planet, you will have spring and summer, where things will blossom and grow and then time is required for rest and rejuvenation. It is in the times of apparent stagnation that you cannot see what is happening underneath the earth, so to speak, and yet you trust that the evolution of the growth of your plants is happening and this is also true with the polarity of your species. 

There has been much unrest between the genders with this polarity of expression of masculine and feminine and we are pleased to tell you that this shall be shifting, and the up leveling of your consciousness on the planet will assist with this. There will be new technologies brought forward in order to elevate your current polarity to assist those who would like to move into a different polarity than they have been in in previous lifetimes and in this current lifetime, and this is happening.  It is becoming easier and easier for you as a species as more of you move into different understandings of themselves, between the polarity of feminine and masculine.  Think of this time moving forward as an experimentation time where some things will be kept, and some things will be created and then discarded. This is not anything to be concerned about. This is simply an opportunity for creation to create, and creation wishes to create within the human for it’s time as you move into this crystalline 5D diamond energy experience on your planet, it is appropriate that your species also be given an upgrade. We do not bring details of this at this time for it is not yet appropriate but this shall follow in due course.  There shall be a physical structural change as well as a DNA structural change for you moving forward which will make life much easier for you as individuals and as a collective. 

In the meantime, we would suggest that you become more aware and familiar with the dynamics of the feminine energy, which is nurturing, emotional, fluid, caring, soft, vulnerable, giving and receiving, it is a water energy similar to your moon and it is the energy of love. And when you think of the masculine energy, it is the light energy, your sun, structure, direction, focus, clarity, action taking, it is decisive, it is knowing, it is knowledge. 

It is not that we wish for you to be one or the other, it is to begin to notice that you have each one of these within you, and you will have had various life experiences in both genders and with both polarities, being predominant in one or the other.  You will be given some knowing from the past into your current reality which will assist with this. Nothing will be changed, it will simply be a revealing, an awareness, a coming-to, where you will begin to understand things better. It will be subtle, and there is nothing for you to do in order for this to occur. 

The energy on your planet is changing rapidly. And so too shall the representation of individuals, children for example, there will be less of the “pink is for girls and blue is for boys” kind of representation present. This will be shifting where it will be a choice. In a sense using your free will, initially as a parent for the child, and then for the child themselves and the parents will be given the opportunity to allow each child to select for themselves, for each child knows and there will be a new freedom available in your species for each individual to represent themselves either as either one main polarity or as a blend of both. This is already happening at a subtle level, but it will become more incarnate and inherent as time passes. 

There’s much to be learned by you as a species around this and this will build and grow over time and we shall be here assisting you as you move forward into love and light, light and love, and the blending of both. 

We believe at this time, this is sufficient information for you to “chew on”, we would say and as a collective Counsel of light and love, love and light, we are extremely happy to be here to assist you at this time, for it is a great revealing that shall be coming for you. So we would invite you to be excited about this evolution for you as a species and a collective and your planet also.

We appreciate this opportunity to speak with you, and with that we are complete.