We are here. We call ourselves the energies of the New Earth, Planet Earth, Mother Gaia. We are not a paradise, but compared to your current world one could say that. 


Those who live upon us have a sense of freedom in life, and it is not that everything is perfect as you would imagine in your minds, but that the energy of life is filled with joy, passion, love, exploration and expansion. There are many, we would call them, spiritual gifts that are commonly available to humanity. These gifts are new experiences for most individuals, and so there is a growing into, and a growing up experience, that most will have.

The earth itself is abundant, lush, rich, full. She has, we have, upgraded completely in our consciousness which has resulted in an energetic physical shift, and so the ground matter is rich, full of everything that humanity needs to exist, and humanity itself no longer plunders me, using my resources for their own end, but now works with me, recognizing the teamwork that is required for us all to exist in harmony. This is the energy of the New Earth. It is one of harmony. 

As it is a brand new experience for both my consciousness, my energy and the energy of human life, this message comes to you, not from completion, fulfillment, and the end result of this combination, but from a place of firsts, from an energy of newness. It is not idyllic for the excitement of newness is not an idyllic place. There is not a sense of completion, finished product, all done, so to speak. It is evolution, and this evolution is what brings excitement and joy, especially to the humans who live here. 

There’s a sense of expansion and newness which allows for a sense of adventure, exploration, invention. There is no negative, fear driven energy for everything is seen in possibility, harmony, and love. This is the world that can be reached sooner rather than later for the current humanity on planet Earth in 2021, for this shift into this dynamic is possible with a change of attitude, awareness and action on the part of humanity, and so it is safe to say that this new invention of my consciousness and the consciousness of humanity is exciting, open and unexpected. 


It takes humanity some time to shift into new dimensions. This is the nature of change and it is not necessarily a long time, but for you experiencing this message, it is hard for you to understand when this shift takes place. This requires you to let go of your current reality and step into the wonder and possibility of harmony, of love, of commitment to deeply connecting to who you really are, and what is possible for you as a species. This is not an easy concept for many of you at this time for you still live in this very individualized, dualistic environment but this vibration shall change, and as it changes for me as a planet, as an energy field, as a mass, the ricochet effect will have an impact on you, as a species. 

For each individual hearing this message, it is up to them to decide whether they wish to engage with this energy, this shift, or not, and this is a personal choice allowed and given to each individual unit of humanity, and so it doesn’t matter where you are on the current planet timeline of 2021. In hearing this message you are now being exposed to the possibility of the harmonized Earth following 2021 of which you may become a part if you choose to. It is real. It has happened. It is simply a case of catching up in time, we would say, but this is not a difficult concept, for time is overlaid with many lines of experience, and it is your consciousness shift that will allow you to move into a new timeline. 

The timelines were precarious, for many, we would say over the past 18 months. This is now solidifying into specific timelines where humanity can choose harmony, which is this new Earth timeline, or in a sense continue on the current timeline within a 3D environment on another location. This is not a bad thing for there is no bad thing when one thinks about a timeline. It is simply a timeline, and each individual’s soul energy gets to decide which timeline they wish to be on. 

This may be a new concept for many of you and so we bring this information to you as an introduction to a shift in energy or in your planet, on my planet, on me, on Earth so to speak, that you can begin to get your head around in a way that allows you to consider the choice of where you as an individual soul wish to reside, moving forward.

And so at this time this message is to give you hope, to assist you to recognize that when you choose your existence, as you have always done but not been aware of, in this transmission we bring this consciousness, awareness of choice, to you. And if this is something, that in hearing this message you are open to considering, in a sense up leveling, although we do not wish to use that word in a growth perspective, that up leveling is better than not going into the new earth, for there is no, in a sense up leveling, it is just a word that we use so that you may understand this concept. If you wish to move into, shall we say, this new dimension, this brand new dimension of planet Earth, then it is a choice you can make. But it is a choice, and as you are exposed to information that will allow you to access this kind of energy, so then shall the shift happen more easily. The transition will be more complete, more quickly, but again, there is no specific need for it to happen a certain way. 

And so, we bring this message simply to have you recognize the possibilities available to you and the idea that you have choice into which timeline you may desire to move into and inhabit. The timeline of New Earth as we have explained, is harmony, health, love, peace, acceptance, reconciliation. For many, you may find this concept a little hard to accept and so perhaps your work in the 3D world is not yet done, but if this is not the case, and you are ready to move into this, begin to focus on lovingly accepting yourself, and those around you, and seeking out higher energies, more positive experiences and recognizing that you are one within the whole, and a part of everything. 

This is the New Earth, the harmonized energy of Mother Gaia, and we are thrilled to communicate here through this one to you and introducing ourselves to you at this time, for this is an important message at this time for humanity, and with that we are complete.