Planet Earth and humanity, we bring forth this message for you as your world revolves and evolves into a different state, a different dimension, a different realm, let us say. There is much upheaval on the planetary surface and this is an indication of some of the shifting and changing, let’s say, that is going on within the planet itself,  for she, and she is a living organism, is morphing and becoming an upgraded version of the stratosphere in which it inhabits. 


The crystalline structure is melding, molding and morphing within every cellular part of the planet. This is not something that you certainly can see as a human with the naked eye and even with your microscopic equipment, it would be very difficult for you to gauge the level and nature of the shifts and changes that are happening within the structure of the planet, but all of these vibrational shifts that are happening, are happening to create change, within and on, the surface. And of course much like in your oceans when there is a, let’s say a swell beneath the surface, eventually that inner energy is manifested on the surface. 

And so, there appears to be much turmoil, much change, much, you call it war, but a warring energy, for although it appears to be chaotic, there is a structural, let’s say repatterning happening, and this is not just at the earth level, the physical level, the matter level, but this is also happening within the vibrational level of your body, and the atmosphere that surrounds this planet.

And so much as you would hold on to your coat to keep you warm as you struggle through a strong wind, we are bringing a message of confirmation that yes, these are turbulent times in your midst and what we are suggesting in this message that you hold on to is, more the idea that you are together battling this wind, and that together, coming together, you will be able to form, not so much a wall, but a protection around yourselves, not because there’s great damage going to occur but just for you to get through this next period. 

You are safe, dear humans, you are. And you see the energy with which you bring to each moment is critical because it enables you to have a certain experience as a human being. And so if, as an adult, you curse and complain and fight against the wind, it will be a very different experience compared to a little child who runs and flows with the wind, recognizing that it has great force, and the idea that you could, let’s even say, laugh and enjoy the turbulence of these times.

There’s a strong judgment in your world around what is perceived as negativity, what is perceived as hardship, what is perceived as difficult circumstances.  We’re not making small or light of these experiences for we recognize that as humans, they are extremely challenging and difficult emotionally, and physically too, but in a higher dimensional vibrational frequency of consciousness, you would not be attached to the good or bad, dark or light, pleasant or unpleasantness of any experience. You simply see it for what it is. 

This is a challenge for you, for you are not used to operating at that level of vibration, that level of consciousness, that level of thought, for your beliefs and your patterns stem from, we would say 26,000 years of difficulty and so we cut you some slack dear humans. We recognize how difficult it can be to be in this energy but here you are, and so as you watch in your world, where there seems a level of unfairness, where there seems, one could describe as dictatorial experiences happening, power over versus empowering, our suggestion to you is to decipher within your own experience where you are empowered. 

Now this may mean that you do have to stand up for yourselves. This is not a bad thing. This may be part of your journey, part of the evolution of you, part of what your soul came here to experience, or it may be that your journey is to support those who do that; encourage, appreciate, acknowledge them for the courage that it takes for them to be a stand for themselves and for you and many others.

Or it could be that your place in this whole experience is to hold the light, to teach yoga, to meditate, to bring wisdom, love, appreciation to anyone around you, in any experience, to be the epitome of love versus anger, judgment, fear. Mostly in your world these lower vibrational energies come from that place of fear, that place of not knowing who you really are. For in that space of self awareness, there is a large capacity to hold space and gratitude and love for yourself for the experiences that you are having, and the experiences of any other person. 

And so even if someone has a different opinion from you, or is displaying different characteristics or taking different action, you can simply acknowledge the differences without judging. And in fact, you could even express gratitude for them, for showing you a different way to think, and vice versa. Not everyone is able to do this, but this is the, let’s say, growing up phase of humanity. To recognize that, for example, in the colors of the rainbow, no one color is better than another, no one color is right, and the other one is wrong. And this example is also true in your plant world. It doesn’t matter how big the tree is. It is not any better than the small white daisy growing through the grass and that the dormouse that lives in the land is no less than the giant elephant that roams the plains of Africa. 

And so, as you navigate this current reality dear humans, this turbulence that you are in the midst of, recognize that each individual person is having their own individual experience about which you cannot even begin to understand. Yes, you can be empathetic. You can be compassionate, but you are not them and they are not you but that does not mean that you are not alike. 

And so as you navigate these challenging times hold love in your heart. Recognize that each one of you is dealing with these situations as best you can, and begin to emulate an energy of neutrality filled with love and appreciation for the part that each person plays. 

This includes those whom you do not like, approve of, or wish were doing things differently for they are also energetically affected by what is going on within the planetary level and that that vibration is shifting many things of which you cannot see or know yet and over time, it will create a whole new paradigm, a whole new reality, a whole new experience for humanity on planet Earth. 

We love you. We support you throughout this journey. We are here helping you when asked to navigate this.