I needed a haircut this week.  It was mid July when I last got a trim, and even though there was nothing special on my calendar (where I’d need to look good or better than normal), I just knew it was time.

Generally a committed customer to the products and services I pay for, I have been buying shampoo, conditioner and bodywash from Usana for 10 years.  I go to Healthy Planet for my vitamins, and I always get gas from Esso.

I am loyal to what I like, and I often refer people to my favorites.  Maybe I’ve already referred you to someone or something in the past?

After the lockdown I decided not to go downtown for my hair services any more (I’d been going to the same person for several years) so I searched Google for a new hair stylist closer to home.  

I didn’t get a referral and that was probably my big mistake.  

I didn’t like the vibe, the salon, or the cut and I knew I wouldn’t go back.

Then my friend Aline told me about a hair salon she’s gone to recently near the Danforth, and she loved the stylist.  

It’s great to hear referrals like this, isn’t it? 

In our current environment, it’s so important to ask loved ones, friends and acquaintances for referrals for business and personal services.  Referrals are so important in building long standing successful relationships, especially when it’s something important (like a good haircut!)

And sometimes we need a little help from our friends.

I booked myself an appointment with the stylist on the Danforth.  There was one available right over the lunch hour, so off I went.

Aline was right.  The hairdresser was amazing.  She did an excellent job of cutting and styling my hair, and I’m looking forward to going back.   Of course, we chatted and I discovered we had lots in common.  I can see why my friend was drawn to her. 

It’s so important to trust your intuition when you are making decisions.  And that includes getting help from others.  Next time you’re looking for a business service or even advice, turn to your friends and ask them who they’ve hired and had success with.  You’ll be amazed at the treasures you’ll uncover.  And don’t be afraid to share who you love to do business with, with others.  I am a huge connector, and I know many people in many different areas of business and I love to give referrals.

My business is built on trust, integrity and personal experience with me.  That’s why most of my clients come from referrals.  The unique approach of blending spirituality with professional coaching and channeling is a one of a kind service that’s exclusive, unparalleled and transformational for the right person.  

If you, or someone you know seems stuck, confused or unhappy, maybe you or they, need someone to help them.  Go to my intake form and let’s have an initial conversation to see if we are a fit.  It’s no cost for the initial consultation.