Deepening your Relationships @ Home

I don't feel connnected to my partner.

I don't understand why they do what they do.

We don't spend time together anymore.


Where do you need help most?

● Relationship Success

● Understanding the Opposite Sex

● Deepening the Connection

● Navigating Family Issues

We all struggle with issues in our personal relationships, 

Here is where we can help you create a better life with those you love.


Dive into healthy
relationship dynamics between couples. What they may look, sound and feel like. 
The real language of love.


This keynote is perfect for …

  • Individuals and/or couples, in or looking to be in, a committed relationship.
  • An understanding of the most common reasons why intimate relationships fail and succeed.
  • How to spot the most common mistakes we all make.

The audience will leave with…

  • Strategies and techniques to get the love and respect you want.
  • Full-proof ways to ignite any relationship no matter how long you’ve been together.
  • An understanding of the difference between codependent, counter- dependent and interdependent relationships.

Couples Intimacy Program

6 weekly sessions x 90 minutes each

The program can be delivered in a series of 6 private consultations, or a small group format of up to 6 couples.

Designed to build trust, vulnerability and intimacy between couples. Learn how to create a safe space for communication and intimacy, as well as specific techniques to enhance connection. Tantric techniques and communication tools will support sensual and sexual experiences.


This topic explores why men and woman struggle to understand, communicate and relate to each other in life and love.For a female or male audience.



3 Hr Workshop

A communication workshop designed for anyone in, or seeking, a long term committed relationship. An interactive learning environment to better understand your communication style and the style of any intimate partner.

This workshop covers:

  • Patterns of communication
  • Body Language
  • Personal Energy
  • Self Trust

You will increase confidence in any intimate relationship, recognize and work with your personal communication style and learn the tools for change.


Teaching the ancient eastern philosophy of TANTRA adapted by Gail for the modern Western lifestyle. Private coaching or small group sessions of up to 6 couples. 

Couples will
  • Learn how to create a deeper sense of intimacy with themselves and each other.
  • Discover techniques to be more mindful and present in life, love and intimacy.
  • Learn how to enhance their relationship with more passion, self-awareness and sensitivity with each other.
  • Connect deeply to the 5 senses and enhance the body, mind and soul connection, individually and together.
  • Explore simple ways to begin living a slower, more relaxed pace.
  • Create a deeper, richer, more meaningful intimate experience together.
  • Enhance self-actualization.


Private coaching or small group sessions of up to 6 couples.

This topic teaches the ancient eastern philosophy of TANTRA adapted by Gail for the modern Western lifestyle.



Explore proven strategies to shift unhealthy attitudes and behavior, and create positive outcomes with lasting change for all family members. Learn how the Family system, relationship dynamics and dysfunctional habits impact and influence your life and those you love.


This keynote is perfect for…

  • Parents and individuals looking for better family communication.
  • Parents (and parent groups) looking for better relationships with their teenagers.
  • Individuals wanting to avoid continuing family dysfunction and addiction.

    The audience will leave with…
  • A clear understanding of the family system, and their part in it.
  • How to create a respectful and open communication style with the younger generation.
  • Access to different family communication techniques to create a more open and honest dialogue for success between parents and children.

Dare to Dream Vision Event

One Day 5 hour workshop:

  • Examine your family patterns and discover your familial role.
  • Envision changes to your family experiences and those of future generations.
  • Ideal for parents, teachers, and caregivers who want to improve family communication and respect.
Coaching with Gail was so much more than I expected. The original issue became less important, and it became more about creating a life that I wanted. She was a confidante, and I felt like I could tell her anything without judgement.  There are *very* few people in life you can do that with.  Our coaching set me on a path of discovery and change.  It was a tough and very detailed process at the time, but in retrospect it was transformational.

Sometimes I couldn’t pinpoint what the issues were, but Gail has a way of delving and delving into things, and I mean that in the best, most positive way!  Gail also has very good suggestions for reading, people to contact, things to explore … I’d say she has a deep bag of tricks. I am grateful for her support and guidance.  I think that if you are open to the process of coaching, you can learn so much more about yourself, how you approach life and make changes that improve the quality of your life.
Coaching Client