Some of my favourite books!

The Five Love Languages – Gary Chapman

This book is very helpful for understanding how we give and receive love. The questionnaire zeroes in on our love languages to help you create a new way of loving in any relationship. Useful for family members and couples alike.

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The Biology of Belief – Bruce Lipton

This amazingly powerful book highlights the work of renowned scientist Bruce Lipton and the study of epigenetics. It describes how our attitudes, behaviors and beliefs are generational; passed down in the proteins of our cells and how they can be changed so the next generation are not doomed to repeat the dysfunction of the past.


Get Out of My Life, But First Can You Take Me and Cheryl to the Mall – Anthony E. Wolf

This book was one of the first books I read to manage my relationships with my teenagers. Chock full of real examples, it helped me to understand what was going on in the minds of my kids, and gave me tips and techniques to manage this tricky terrain.


I’d Listen to My Parents if They’d Just Shut Up – Anthony E.Wolf

The second instalment following the above book, another must read for parents. Anthony Wolf has a way of writing that endears you to his stories and anecdotes.

The Artist’s Way – Julia Cameron

Julia Cameron brings creativity to life for us in the Artist’s Way. Using simple techniques and powerful stories we all connect to our own version of creativity and gain access to a more fulfilled life in its pages. This book is a game changer. Also available in video format.

You Can Heal Your Life – Louise Hay

This book explains the metaphysical experience and reason for illness in our bodies, and helps you connect to the underlying thoughts and beliefs related to the physical ailments we have. Easy to read, and a great resource, take it out each time you get sick and you will begin to understand the body/mind connection in a whole new way. You can also find the movie on YouTube.

Trusting Yourself –
MJ Ryan

This little gem is an easy to read book giving true life stories and experience covering all areas of trust in our everyday experience.  Keep it handy and read one short chapter anytime.  It won’t take any more than 2 minutes a day to build your self-trust. 

Codependent No More –
Melody Beattie

This book was my bible for the first few years after learning I’d come out of a dysfunctional home.  It is full of stories and explanations for the behavior we exhibit to get our needs met as Adult Children.  The questions at the end of each chapter help solidify the learning.

Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway – Susan Jeffers

This book is a keeper. It keeps the focus on moving past fear (which is inevitable) and on to greater things. The tools and techniques described within its pages are simple to follow and powerfully effective. 


Solemate – Lauren Mackler

I spent a summer working my way through this book when my marriage ended and I decided to try being single for real. It is chock full of exercises, stories and examples to embody self-love and build your self-worth. A must for anyone who has never been comfortable with their own company.