There’s a limitation to the extent that you can experience a sense of oneness in the physical form, in humanity on planet Earth, given the nature of your beings, for to fully expand into everything we should say, requires a letting go.  A letting go of everything that you believe to be possible, or impossible, for that matter. And then opening up and an inviting in of the idea that you could completely let go and become one with the universe, so to speak. 

This has been, we would say, restricted for most of you because of the practice of religion. Although it seems a little odd to say this, when you would think that religion would do the complete opposite. However, the practice of religion, worshiping of another, involves the act of separation for you as human beings. For as soon as you focus your adoration, let us say, on anything external, you separate yourselves from the One. And so moving forward, there shall be returning to the sense that you are the One and that you will be coming home


Coming home means that you begin to experience a life where you are centered in your heart, for in the physical form the heart is the energy center of your body, the bridge often called between the lower chakras and the higher ones and also, it is the strongest, most electromagnetic power source within your body. Religion has, in a sense, taken you away from this experience. This is not good or bad. It just is. There has been an experiencing let’s say, of this separation in many, many, many, many forms. 

It has been a smorgasbord of possibilities within humanity’s existence where you have made decisions to use experiences as an opportunity to put your focus on something else to see what that experience would be like, separating yourself from love, from yourselves, just to see what the experience would bring for you, expansion of experience, new experiences. Of all the deities that belong in your experience, they are all examples of love. The teachings that have come down have been of duality, good and bad and this has allowed you to experience all kinds of things in the human form. 

But this is all changing now. For moving into the fifth dimension requires you to acknowledge that you are love, that you exist as an expression of love, that you are a form of love in human form, in solid matter we should say, but that does not take away from the fact that you are the essence of love. You are a part of Source energy and it is a part of you. There shall be a ceasing of this, for many instances the duality of your religions have caused great pain both for humanity and it’s experience of itself. This has been a learning experience for humanity, and it has only been those who have been willing and able, to completely surrender their experience as human being, that they have been able to have the connection to return to Source and to the Divine and to be the experience of love in human form but this is where you are heading. When you transition into 5D there is a return, as well as a remembering of who you really are, that you are part of the One, the Divine, Love. 


This experience is an interesting one for you as humans, for you are so, we would say, attached to understanding and allowing yourselves to be led and guided for the sake of the duality experience, which is perfectly fine. And so, moving forward, you will be surrendering and releasing this need, for many things are going to be revealed in order for you to release this need for external validation let us say and connection, and to allow you to return to Source, to the Divine and to love. 

This can happen in a moment. However, that is not normally your experience for you do tend to hold on to things as human beings, in a sense to keep you feeling secure. But this will not be required in 5D for the experience and the energy of love will be, we would say all consuming, but that makes it sound not a good thing, but it is in fact a fulfilling experience and a releasing experience all at the same time. This means that in the releasing of the need to focus on any other deity, power, source, for your life satisfaction, you will in a sense, come home to the fullness of who you really are. And with the energetic upgrade to 5D your hearts will open and you will realize that you are love, and this realization will allow you to see everyone as this love, and this is what will create “Heaven On Earth”, so to speak.

We are a group of Angelic Beings, we shall call ourselves the Worshipers in order for you to understand that we come to assist you, to return to Source, to return to worship of yourselves, not in a selfish way as you may imagine, but it is more of a expanding, enlightening, invigorating, all encompassing love energy within your own physical form and energetic sphere. And that when that is allowed to be released into your space, you will feel an expansion you have never felt before. 

Some have experienced this on Earth, but not many. And so, look forward to this, to the experience of this energetic fulfillment, this expansion of love, this returning to Source connection, which does not require adoration of another deity or power, but a deep sense of oneness, connection and love for, and with, one another, accepting that each and every one has this within themselves at all times. 

And this is what shall create the unification of you as a species along with the same energetic connection with Mother Earth, where all will be revealed for the beauty and the Oneness that all is, together in one consciousness. This is a work in progress we would say for you on planet Earth but it is happening, and it will happen, and it has already happened, and with that we are complete.