Today is December 8th, 2020 and this is Gail Scott channeling.

We wish to bring to you the idea of beauty for we feel that your focus in many ways is not directed at the beauty that surrounds you, but rather, in some sense, at things which displease you.

This is the Revolutionaries Collective bringing this message to you.

What if you chose in any given moment to look at what pleases you instead of what displeases you? Yes, we understand that this concept is challenging. It’s challenging because your pattern is to look at things which bother you. For example, situations that are not the way you would wish them to be, people being the way they are, humans just being human. You see the flaws, what you dislike, what bothers you, irritates you, annoys you.

But what if you could deliberately choose to see beauty. And when we say beauty, we mean love, for it is in seeing love, that you will feel love. There is also the flip side of this coin where you could feel love, and then you would see love however, that is a more difficult concept for you at this time, this will become easier as the energies on your planet change to one of love.

And so back to the concept of seeing beauty. When you choose deliberately to see beauty around you, more beauty expands. This is known as the concept of law of attraction, which many of you will already have begun to understand through the teachings of Abraham. But it was not just Abraham that brought this message to your planet and to you as a species for this has been taught for many years by many different teachers.

And so, how do you do that? This takes deliberate conscious effort. It is a practice that when mastered becomes easy, automatic and part of the fabric of who you are. In fact, in seeing beauty more frequently, more beauty exists. Now the beauty exists all the time anyway, the dichotomy is that you do not see it. You see that which angers you, displeases you. So for today our message to you is simple. It is begin to see beauty, what pleases you.

It could be as simple as the smile on someone’s face, or something that you have within your home that you enjoy that gives you pleasure. It could be gratitude around food that you enjoy or as simple as the pleasure you receive in drinking your morning coffee. Begin to see beauty for everything that surrounds you has energy, and when you can bring the energy of love to the simple things that surround you on a daily basis, you will find that more beauty will become apparent.

This is not a difficult concept for you to grasp, we realize that, however it is a challenging thing for you to do on a regular basis for your patterns are so ingrained; to look at the negative, to see the negative, to feel the negative, to be in the negative. And this is not a good vibration for you. This holds you down. It is dense and heavy and tiresome and it just generally doesn’t feel good. And there is nothing more important than that you feel good.

And so begin to deliberately notice the beauty that surrounds you. It could be in the sparkle of a loved one’s eye, or the color of a favorite piece of clothing, or laughter that you hear between others. This is all the way that you will understand beauty, for when we say beauty, we really mean love. But as we have explained the concept of love around you, surrounding you, is a difficult one for you to grasp right at this moment, for many of you are mired in the challenges of the density of what is happening on your planet right now.

And so this little idea, seeing beauty, is one easily accessible tool that you can use to raise your vibration. Now, we don’t want you to fake it, we don’t want you to suddenly say “Oh, isn’t that beautiful? Isn’t this beautiful?” No, that is not the idea here. It must be genuine, authentic and real, you must truly see the beauty in whatever it is that you are focusing on. It is not to say that if you fake it, it won’t work, for it will, but it will work much better if you genuinely feel the beauty and the love of what you are looking at.

We say looking at, for your sense of vision is one of the most powerful means with which you can use in order to change patterning and experiences. It is visceral, and it is effective. But you must also use your mind. You must use your intellect and your heart together in order to see that beauty surrounds you. It could be in the way that a tree is growing up and into the sky. Or it could be the way that a dog’s coat has a sheen and is soft to the touch. Or it may be as simple as the sun shining in a blue sky. All of these things are beauty, and they are images of love, which will raise your vibration and have you feel better on a regular basis. And isn’t that what you’re looking for, to feel better on a regular basis?

This idea when used deliberately is very effective at raising your vibration and bringing you more into the idea that love surrounds you. And when you are aware that love surrounds you, your vibration increases. So, we suggest that you deliberately find beauty wherever you are, focus on it, appreciate it, express gratitude for it. And you will notice that if you also share it with others, everything around you will change.

We hope that this is helpful for you today. And we see beauty in all of you and we love you very much. And with that we are complete.