We are the Spirits of the Land on which you are placed at this time. These are the lands of the North Americas, the great continent. 

You may wonder why we, in a sense, are speaking through you, for in your form you are small, compared to the vastness of our expansive area and yet this land is your home. You have been a part of it, the winds that blow, the trees that hold fast to mother Gaia, the rocks that provide solid foundation, the minerals within her earth, the waters that flow on and around these pieces of land. We, as the Spirits of this Land, come through you now, for we have our own voice on this, the planet Gaia, Mother Earth. 

There are voices for the Spirits of other parts of Gaia, which can communicate with other entities we would say such as you, antenna in a sense, located on the planet in their locale, but for you here, one such as you, we are able to come through you and bring messages explaining and describing our experience; the consciousness of this area of your world.

We flow easily. We exist in a sense, solid, unmoving, and yet in a flow. We recognize that we shift and move, not so much because we are connected to the tectonic plates but because we have our own consciousness on this land mass and are surrounded by these waters, which you call the Pacific and the Atlantic.

We are experiencing our own changes at this time, not because of humanity but because of galactic shifts within your own hemisphere. This is not something for humanity to concern itself about, but as Spirits of the Land, we wish to communicate with you that we have our own consciousness, and we have a sense of ourselves that we wish to communicate to you through this one. 

The animals that exist upon us, rely on us as the Spirits of the Land, to hold fast our consciousness in order for them to continue to survive in the way that they do. We speak specifically here of the totem animals of the Indigenous Peoples, the Bear, the Wolf, the Raven, the Eagle, the Salmon. There are others that are extremely important for the diversification and, nutrition is not the right word but, health of this area of the planet, for many species are struggling, more adapting, to the energetic shifts that are happening right now, during this transitionary period of dimensional change, for it is not just you as a species as humans, that are, in a sense, transitioning and morphing out of 3D and into 5D, but every elemental particle on the planet. And for us, representing the Spirit of the Land of the Northern Hemisphere, we simply wish to acknowledge ourselves to you, so that you may recognize that we are in communication with you, and that we too are transitioning through these changes, 

It is not a difficult shift for us per se, for we have done this many times already but we felt it was important that you recognize that you are not alone in experiencing these changes, but we as the Spirits of the Land of the Northern Hemisphere are grounded and solidly connected with Mother Earth. And in so much as we are going through our own changes, we are solidly grounded on this Earth plane. 

Yes, there are many changes happening right now, for both Gaia, each area of planet Earth, and for all of the Spirits of the Lands, in each area. We feel your pain, we shift and move with you, and we hold our own in order to provide a solid foundation for you to be grounded into, as you go through these changes. 

There are many scientific shifts happening right now, within your own body compositions. These are simply transitory states, for some of you will continue in the upgraded Earth, and others will not. This is a destined experience at every level and so letting go of the final outcome is your most satisfactory conclusion, in how to navigate these changes. We as the Spirits of the Earth, the lands in this area, provide for you, the air, the water, the matter that allows you to exist here. 

Be gentle with yourselves human beings. Be gentle with us, the land on which you exist and throughout all of this, there will come a new time on Earth. A glorious, beautiful time when this is all complete.