We are the Spirits of the Land of the planet Earth on which you live, in this place, and we come to you this time, for your receptivity is great, open and able to receive any and all messages. 

The land is changing. It is in a sense, upgrading in its energy field, in its structural matter and its cellular existence. 

What does this mean for humanity?

This means that you who live upon this land, will notice new messages coming to you, for those of you who are open to it.  Your desire to integrate with the land will be welcomed, as much as you are integrating with the land from the heart, coming from a place of love, coming from respect, contribution, appreciation and integration to make it better. 

The changes that are coming upon Mother Earth are great and to this point have been somewhat, we would say, hidden from humanity. This will be changing moving forward for the changes that are to come will create a sense of structural change for humanity. Not everything will be calm. Those who live at the edges of the ocean in the Northern Hemisphere would do well to move back from the edge for great waters will move over time. This is not an immediate shift that we warn off, but a gradual one. Over the next decade the waters will enlarge upon the earth, covering more.

This piece of land known as the northern hemisphere, will shift and morph, centralizing itself into a place where the mountains exist. These mountains will be the protection from the waters. Anything beyond the mountains to the center of the land will be a safe zone. Anything that is closer to the ocean runs the risk of being removed. It is not to say that the land will be suddenly gone, for it shall not, but there are parts of the world where in the Northern Hemisphere, what is now, shall be gone. For as the Spirit of the Land we come to you now with this knowledge and awareness to assist you in understanding the shifts and changes that are coming. This is necessary for the, we would say reinstatement of the water. There will be less land and more water. However, there will also be less people to inhabit this land. 

These changes will come about over time as many of you will succumb to the shifts that are now being integrated on the planet. This is not good or bad and nothing to be feared for each soul has made their decision around their next part of the journey, so to speak. There is nothing for you as a human to do for you cannot control the next part of the journey. It is, in a sense, predestined, but what we would recommend is, for those of you hearing this message is that your great respect for the land be heightened, be elevated, be integrated with a knowing that you and the land are one, connecting to your hearts, connecting to your wisdom, connecting to your knowing of the timeline that comes, will assist you in making choices at this time, for there are many things that you will need to follow. These will be intuitive messages that will come to you and we recommend that you follow them. However, we also understand that you as a human species have free will, that you are not always connected to Spirit, consciously we would say, and so from that place, you may ignore these messages. This is not a dangerous thing. This will simply bring about a different reality for you. 

We as the Spirit of the Land, bring this message to assist you at this time to be aware that there will be a consciousness being directed at you, in order for you to understand how you play a role within the shifts that will happen on the planet over the next 10 years. You can, in a sense, connect into Earth and the plants, the mountains, the water, and from this place be directed in terms of where you may choose to live, and how. There are no right or wrong decisions. There are no better or worse situations. We are recommending that you tap into this heart centered intuitive knowing and develop this more fully, in order to be able to connect more deeply with Gaia, who is in her own transition, reaching out and connecting with you, her species. This interrelated conversation, relationship, communication, will be integral to moving forward after these shifts have occurred.

Messages will be forthcoming through the heart to those who are listening and direction will be given that will be clear, concise, concrete. The animals of the planet are aware of these changes and are making changes for they are heart centered and connected to Gaia and her messages. Watch them. Notice them. Pay attention to them. It is by realizing that they too, are shifting and changing, and that their connection to us, the Spirit of the Land is one way that you as humans can pay attention better we would say.

There are many shifts that will be occurring over the next 10 years on your planet and these messages are being brought to one such as this, to assist humanity to move in a more calm way, we would say, forward and into the new light. Light that is changing your structural DNA, returning you to a different elemental state, alchemical state, cellular state and upleveling you in a way that shall return you to sovereignty, wholeness, and a deeper sense and connection to love, and one another. And with this, we recognize that you will find solace, happiness, peace, not so much tranquility, for that is not always the energy that you wish to experience on the planet. In fact, as the Spirit of the Land, it is not always tranquil for energies and ever dynamic motion, but knowing that this fluctuation is part of the ebb and flow of the planet Earth. 

We as the Spirit of the Land, acknowledge the contribution that you humans make towards our experience of this consciousness, and we recognize that this consciousness is evolving and changing, even as we speak and bring this message to you. We acknowledge that there are many on your planet, who are currently working with this consciousness, to bring changes about to assist everyone to live in a more peaceful, loving, caring, dynamic, structural way, within the confines of our planet Earth. For she herself, her consciousness level, is upgrading continually in order to allow you, the species upon her, to live with more love and more heart.

This is a challenging, but exciting time for you, as a species here on the earth, This message is brought to you with love as a conversation, and we shall return again to bring this conversation to you, so that you can recognize that you are all one, and that each and every element on this planet is a consciousness in and of itself that works together in harmony through the heart, moving forward into this new dimension of love.

Love one another. Love this planet. And with that, harmony will continue to shift and morph and change into a new dynamic that will assist you to be together as one in a new way, never before experienced on this land. And with that, we are complete.