Are you looking for answers…

Do you question the meaning of life?

Are you interested in the Universe and what’s “out there?”

Would you like more intimate connection to your Intuition and your Guides?

Wherever you are in your spiritual journey we can help

with tools to develop, enhance, and deepen your spiritual knowing and practice.  

Tantric Lifestyle

Would you like a deeper, more sensual experience of life?

Are you missing connection to yourself, your lover and/or life?

Explore the ancient eastern philosophy of Tantra adapted by Gail for the modern Western lifestyle. Discover how to be more mindful and present. Learn how to use the 5 senses to increase self-awareness with body, mind and soul connections. Training available for singles, couples and groups.  Connect with us to learn more.

Spiritual Guidance (Channeling and Intuitive Guidance)

Do you have doubts or worries you need help with?

Can access to Infinite Intelligence assist with daily challenges?

Using her Intuitive Guidance and Channeling expertise, Gail is able to bring you accurate answers and pragmatic solutions to your most important questions. Private sessions consist of two Oracle Card readings, crystal and energy healing, as well as an individual conversation with the many Spiritual Guides Gail is able to translate for.  She will bring unique messages you need to hear today. You will receive an MP3 recording of the session, and instant clarity on the next steps for you.

Modern Spirituality

Have you ever wondered if Archangels, Non-Physical Collectives or Star Beings really exist?

In her unique way of storytelling mixed with real life experience, Gail will have you lifting your eyebrows, dropping your jaws,and wishing you could have a tiny taste of this here on Planet Earth (and indeed you can!) She shares her personal, humorous and sometimes head scratching experiences in the woo-woo world of intuition, energy healing and galactic channeling.

Using her own personal experiences, spiritual gifts and unique connections, even you may walk away beginning to believe that there’s magic amidst us, and more coming.