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Spirituality is a self-guided exploration into a deeper connection to yourself and the meaning of your life.  This often includes a soul awakening experience (negative or positive), providing life-affirming results.  

We offer various ways to help you develop, enhance, and deepen a sense of spiritual practice.  

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Longing for more?

Feeling disconnected to yourself, loved ones and your surroundings?

Explore the ancient eastern philosophy of Tantra adapted by Gail for the modern Western lifestyle. Discover how to be more mindful and present. Learn how to use the 5 senses to increase self-awareness with body, mind and soul connections.


If you’d like one on one sessions for yourself or with your partner give Gail a call to begin deepening your connections. 

Clothing on group work options available as well.

Simply explore further.

Asking yourself “big” questions? Looking to deepen everyday life?

Wanting to connect to something outside of your own thoughts?

Channeling is an experience of natural communication between humans and non-physical energies.  A passing, sharing and imparting of wisdom from extensive and expansive perspectives which may become a megaphone of knowledge enhancing your present moment and beyond.

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If you’d like a private one on one moment with Gail and Alaster, please give us a call to set-up a pre-paid in person or online session

Looking for direction?  Too many thoughts, not enough trust?

Longing to connect with spiritual energies?

Intuitive Guidance is more of a translation, at times an interpretation of information, where the message is usually unique to an individual. This message may be of and for a direct connection to you or a loved one. Usually powerful and affirming when you welcome this awe-inspiring exploration.


If you’d like a private one on one moment of Intuitive Guidance session please give us a call to set-up a pre-paid in person or online session

Need to change the vibes in your space?

Looking to clear the old and ready for the new?

Energy clearing is working with nature to enhance and transform the energies of your home and personal space.

This 1 hour (approx) experience will have you “feeling” your space is cleared of old energies. 

Simply contact Gail for more information and to set-up an in-home clearing. 

Additional rates for sessions outside of the Greater Toronto Area.