We are a small Council of the 9th dimension whose main purpose is to focus on the evolution of science within the galaxies. We bring forward many, many varieties of ways of looking at things, we would say from a scientific perspective. 

3D Experience of Science

Your scientists on your planet have been evolving, learning and working to understand how your planet works, and how your planet works within the star system, and how the star system works within the galaxy. However, the availability of knowledge for you is limited based on your 3d experience, for there are many concepts about which you cannot yet understand based on the limitation of your language.  For there is no language yet for you to understand some of the concepts of science that exist outside the realm of the 3D experience on planet Earth.

But we commend you, for you are doing well in this arena. Slowly bit by bit uncovering the scientific knowledge that assists you to understand how you operate within this dimension. This is changing as your planet evolves and uplevels in her consciousness, and so too do you, as a species living upon it. 

New Science for our New Paradigm

New science will become available to you but we are not here at this time to share or divulge this new science to you for it is not time yet for that. We are here to give you hope; for you to understand that more is coming, which will help you to make sense of your environment and understand at a greater, deeper level of how you operate within this system. 

If we are not here to give you this information at this time, then why have we come to communicate with you? 

It is important that you begin to understand that there is more that you do not know but that shall be forthcoming. And it is important that you begin to open your mind to understand that you have been limited in your knowledge and your knowledge base around the study of science for in your experience it has been limited, and in that limitation comes a lack of awareness about how things really work. 

This may sound a little confusing to you at the moment and that would be appropriate for you do not yet understand the implications of the science that operates within the universe at your level on your planet in this dimension. And as your planet up-levels and you as a species increase your level of conscious awareness, you will become aware of new paradigms, we would say, that will assist you in understanding how you fit into this part of the universe. Many scientists have attempted to understand the entire nature of the universe, but the nature of the universe is vast. So it is impossible to understand everything, given the limitations of your intellect, consciousness level and experience for there are many things you have yet to experience. Your scientists have only yet scratched the surface. 

We call ourselves the Paradigm Shifters for we are able to bring you information that allows you to add a greater level, and in a sense, shift your own personal paradigm, and in the shifting of the personal paradigm it shifts the entire paradigm for you as a group, as a whole, we would say.

Slow Shift

This shift is occurring slowly at this point, for there are many things which have yet still to evolve and it is necessary that you move slowly into this new paradigm, this new space, this new dimension, for many things that you have thought to understand, will change. And then with those changes, you will begin to understand things differently. 

It may sound as if we are teasing you with information that we are not yet willing to share and that is indeed the case. But we wish you to know that there is more information coming down the pipeline, so to speak, as you evolve, and we wish to encourage you to move forward into this new dimension. For within this new dimension shall come great awarenesses about how you fit into the puzzle of the universe. 

We wish to give you hope, that there is a better world available to you; a new paradigm, and you are just on the precipice of shifting into it. As your now moment shifts and changes into the next now moment along your timeline, this linear space in which you inhabit, you are coming close to a pivotal moment. 

March Spring Equinox – A Pivotal Moment in Time

For as you reach this point of no return in your March Spring Equinox, there will come a point where the paradigm will shift. For many of you it will be imperceptible, you will not notice the difference, but for some who are already operating at the 5th dimension, this will become very clear. 

And you will begin to notice and feel the difference of this paradigm shift. It will be a shift into more ease. It will be a shift into a state of joy that shall come and shall not leave. No matter what else appears to be going on in your third dimension, this state of ease will come and stay, and you will begin to understand the inherent nature of change, which is constant. And no matter what happens within your third dimension, those of you who are operating within the fifth dimension, you will begin to understand the nature of everything at a far greater level than you have ever understood before. 

This paradigm shift, which shall begin to occur upon your Spring Equinox, is being revealed slowly, but methodically, through your astrologers and those who study the energy of your planet. It is important that you hold fast to the new knowledge that is coming through, for it is going to be difficult in the face of all of the other things that are happening at a third dimension. Hold fast to the knowledge that the light will always overcome the dark, and is in fact morphing and transforming it in front of your very eyes. For this timeline of the third dimension will exist and continue to exist for some, but slowly and deliberately, others will begin to shift into this new paradigm. 

For many, it will not be an easy transition and they will require the assistance of those in the fifth dimension. 

What to Expect With the Changes

It is an exciting time for your species on Earth, as the new science that will come forward will greatly assist you in this evolutionary process. And as science is revealed to you, you will begin to understand how you can play a part for the planet and for your species, to evolve into its greatest evolution. Science is only a small part of the experience you have on planet Earth for there are many ways in which you can experience being a human on this beautiful consciousness, you call Gaia. 

And so as you go through the Spring Equinox, understand that there will be changes coming forward and these changes will bring for you a shift in your awareness of how things operate from many different dimensions, not just the scientific realm. 

We’re here to assist you in this paradigm shift, for as it gets closer and closer, many of you will become more aware energetically of how you operate in this current paradigm. And as the shift happens everything will change. It will appear somewhat the same for most of you at this time but gradually over time, as the water reaches the shore in the ocean changes of the tide, you will begin to see these changes. It may seem at this point that the ocean is far away from the shore when it is at low tide; this is where you are at right now. And before you know it, as high tide approaches, the water covers the shore and this is what shall happen with your awareness of this new paradigm. 

Trust the Process

And so be patient; be patient as these changes come forward, as this paradigm shifts, as your linear time passes, and trust the process of this evolution of your consciousness, of your planet, and of you as a species. For in this shift shall come great changes; changes that will assist you to live a happier, more spiritually fulfilled, deeper connected, and ultimately more satisfying life and experience on Earth in this realm. 

We are greatly encouraged by your willingness to change as a species and as a planet and we support you at this time. And we shall bring forward more information as this evolves to assist you in this change. And with that we are complete.