The Great Conjunction

On December 21st, 2020, the Northern Hemisphere Winter/Southern Hemisphere Summer Solstice is a “once in 20 years” event.  The mighty planet Jupiter (Planet of Expansion) and the ringed planet Saturn (Planet of Time) will come within 0.1 degrees of each other in the sky and when giant powerful planets like these ones come this close to each other, it is called the “Great Conjunction”.

It’s a big deal this year because this is the closest meeting of Jupiter and Saturn since 1623, only 14 years after Galileo made his first telescope.  At that time the planets were only 13 degrees east of the sun so what we are seeing in a few weeks, only 0.1 degree, is even more significant.  These two planets are the largest in our solar system,  Jupiter being brighter and outshining Saturn by 12 times.  You can see them clearly in the night sky right now, as they both shine with a steady light, and Saturn has a faint yellow glow.

This is the closest “observable conjunction” for these planets to the sun since Medieval Times in 1226.  The next time you will be able to observe this will be in March 2080.  So keep your eyes to the night sky, and begin to watch from December 16th to 25th as the space between these two amazing planets will only be the distance of 1/5 the diameter of the moon.  After the 21st of December, they begin to move apart as Jupiter starts to move east, away from Saturn.

Significance to Us Right Now

What’s the significance to you and me?

Saturn and Jupiter coming together like this are known as the Markers of Time and have always been associated with epochal events and social change. Saturn is a planet of rules and tasks, and Jupiter is associated with the energy of play and expansion. We will have to wait until time passes to see which planet will be the one to take charge and help us through the next phase of our earthly transition. As Saturn rules air travel, technology, innovation and collective life we can only hope it agrees to play nice with Jupiter and assist us out of the current climate. Let’s hope we don’t have a repeat of the restrictions we experienced in March, but I don’t believe we will (and if we do, it won’t be for long) as energy is now moving forward. It is no longer in a holding pattern or moving backwards.

You’re probably going through a myriad of emotions at this time, and it’s not just because of the highly powerful energy in the sky. It’s totally understandable, as it can be hard to trust the news or government anymore as information changes so fast, and many of us are wondering what will happen to our lives next year. For some of us our friends and family are having thoughts and experiences we don’t always agree with (more than is normal) and sometimes we just don’t know who to talk to anymore. We are feeling tired and fed up.

What to do?

If this is you, or someone you know, schedule a complimentary consultation today to chat with me about what’s going on for you. Having a private channeling session would really help for you or a loved one to know what’s best for you. Coaching brings a different kind of clarity, direction and stability so you can start off the new year in a different frame of mind.

So please don’t hesitate to connect with me or share this offer of assistance with others who would be open to this kind of work. I’m never too busy for referrals and I’m happy to help.