The Summer Solstice is upon you. This is in fact a time of renewal, replenishment, reinvigoration and will bring forward for you beautiful healing energy to your world. For those of you living in concrete villages, cities, you will not notice this quite as quickly as those who live on the land, who can hear the birds singing and the water flowing in the rivers. 

Atmospheric Shifts Now
The Earth’s atmosphere is changing. It is as if the clouds that have covered your sky are gradually falling back and your beautiful cosmic Sun is beginning to peek through, shedding a beautiful light onto the land and as it does this, it radiates out into every cell of your being. Be renewed, be reinvigorated, be replenished. Let go of worry, of how your world is going to, let’s say, survive the next little time. It’s not about it surviving, it’s shifting. So release yourself from any illusion that it will become very dark and that you will not be able to, let’s say, fill your souls, your cups and your bodies with goodness, for Mother Earth is herself shifting. She is not so much rejuvenating herself from the damage that has been done, but she is transforming into a different structural field, moving out of the carbon base that you have been in, and into a beautiful crystalline structure that will support all of the advancements that are to come of which there are many. 

Observe The Changes
Your world as you know it is changing rapidly. We hope you have your seatbelts on for it’s going to be, and is, quite a ride. Pay attention to all the sounds that you hear in your environment. Bells ringing, such as in this recording, planes flying overhead, traffic coming in the distance and birds singing in the trees. Begin to, let’s say, attune yourselves more to the energy of what fills you up rather than takes you down, or empties you out. This means keeping track, taking notice, being aware of what it is that brings you the most peace, joy, love and contentment. Of course, as you move through this shift, there shall be challenges. This is the nature of change. How will you react to those challenges? How can you stay centered in love in the heart, in your own personal knowing? 

Take Personal Responsibility
There have been many teachings so far through this one to bring you guidance on that. Go back and with an intuitive sense, listen, read, watch and pay attention to what calls out to you as possible means for you personally, to create an easier shift for yourself through all of this change. For this will continue and things will move forward seemingly as they have in the past, but actually very differently. Your personal awareness will be more acute now as you move forward. You will notice things more clearly and with that noticing you in that moment get to decide how to be. Will you remain under the clouds, hiding from the sun’s light or will you step out into change, into transformation, into the shift? Will you navigate the changes that come with an inspired hope and vision for a new future for yourself, for all mankind and for your beautiful planet? This is your home. This is your place to be. 

Remember, You Are Not Alone
We come bringing this beautiful message of the Solstice for it is an important date in your timeline. Be aware of what is transitioning for you and for many, and as you navigate these changes, alone, in a group or with a multitude. Stay close to the vision that you hold for yourself for it is in claiming that vision for yourself that you create the new world you are moving into, one soul, one being, one human, one heart, at a time. And rest in the knowing that your soul knows exactly how to assist you on the journey for it has come at this time specifically for this adventure to create an experience for you that will be uplifting, challenging, invigorating, and inspiring. 

Stay Rooted in Love
Stay true to what brings you joy. Navigate the terrain of challenge and be rooted in love in all that you do and see and think and feel and by the time we come to this time next year on your timeline, you could, if you choose to, have shifted into the heart centered space of love that will more clearly assist you every day. And we bring this message of hope to inspire you to stay for the cause. Your cause, the Earth’s cause, your humanity’s cause. And notice the things that assist you in this journey as have been mentioned in many other communications. Enjoy this new sunshine that will evolve in your space. Do not be afraid to step into it and embrace it as it warms your skin, so too shall it open your eyes and allow you to see things more clearly. And with all of our love, we remain in your field assisting you, and with that we are complete.

Channeled Message With Star Light Language Healing Song Here