Sickness in your physical form as a human is a cleansing. It is a, let’s say, cleaning out of certain cells in order to create healthier ones. Of course, it is not a pleasant experience for you as a human being to go through any kind of sickness. That is just the nature of the experience, but it is often a situation where a shift is required, an upgrading so to speak. Of course, the ultimate upgrading is to leave this physical form and return to energy, only to be transmuted into something else. 

And so how is it best for you, as a human, to manage this experience of being ill at this time? And over 1000s and 1000s of years, you have experienced many different forms of illness, change. There is the idea that it is all perfect in its experience. You wouldn’t agree with this for you have a judgment around this experience, but it’s the idea that you could become sick because your body requires to remove certain things from it; change certain things, bring in new things, upgrade the physical form, let’s say. 


At this point in time as your earth also shifts her vibration, you are bringing in not only a new physical form of your planet, but new physical forms of your bodies, for the energetic vibration rises and the body has to accommodate this, and so for some of you there are difficult experiences as this happens and for some of you you are not able to transmute these shifts for you have chosen to move on in some other capacity. 

The journey of the human is a journey. It is not a stagnant condition. It is not a situation where you come in in one form, and you stay that way. Your body is continually reproducing itself over and over. This is why if you can be aware of this from an early time then the reproduction that happens comes through with healthy cells, but unfortunately this is not always the case for you have created certain lifestyles that are not healthy for your body, and when replication occurs it replicates the unhealthy. 


However, energy is energy and can be shifted with awareness. You may find it frustrating as a human being to have to deal with illness, we get that. This is not always the case in every incarnation and it is not always the case in all forms but currently on your planet there is a situation where there is much, let’s say, illness for there is much shifting and transmuting happening within you as a human species and with your planet, Mother Earth. This is a time of fallow; these months in this year. This is a time where if you were to be looking at your land, you would not be sowing seeds in your Northern Hemisphere for they will not grow yet. And so in the same way with your body it is not time yet to be sowing seeds. It is time to be resting, giving yourself some time off, let’s say. It doesn’t mean, of course, that you sit around and do nothing. Just recognizing that the energy levels that you may have at this point in time will be lower than they would be, say in your Spring time. This message, of course, is for the Northern Hemisphere. In the Southern Hemisphere, you have the flip side of that, where you are blossoming with your end of summer/fall experience before you go into your winter, but in any event, it is the same transition, just in different timeframes. 


So as you traverse through this part of the journey, the best things that you can do is to support one another. If you find yourself becoming, let’s say sick or rundown, the best thing that you can do is to take good care of yourself; rest, stay home, do the things that have you nourish your body, making sure that is well hydrated, well rested, and well taken care of. There is a tendency in your society to push through or at least there has been. This is changing now. This is not recommended as the energy of the planet shifts up. You do not need to do that anymore. As the timeline changes and the vibration changes, results will become easier to get, situations will shift faster, changes will happen with more speed, but you’re not quite there yet. 

So as you experience this time, rest and enjoy the fallow that it is, for in a few months, this will indeed change, as the energy on the planet shifts. Remember that you are human beings with unlimited energy, but bodies that need to be taken care of. And so just like you cannot run your car into the ground without changing the oil so you must replenish your body and so be sure to be doing that as you move through these next few months. 


This has been a very challenging experience for you as humans, this 2020 and 2021 period and many in your physical form have, let’s say moved on, some surprisingly so, and this will continue for a time. And in the meantime, take good care of you, as an individual, and as a unit in a community knowing that Spring is coming, and the energy will shift. And this, let’s say, fallow time, will move on and become a different energy for you to experience. 

It’s a very exciting time on Earth right now as all of these changes go through. The quantum leaps that are happening in your auric fields and your Earth’s atmosphere are magnificent and you will see this as time goes by. But for now, take really good care of yourselves, recognizing that any illness is simply a shift in energy field, and can be managed in different ways, but that the most important way is to continue to love yourselves for who you are, letting go of the need for things to be a certain way, allowing yourselves to, let’s say, even enjoy the experience taking the downtime that is required for you to rest and become well again. For at the end of it you will feel rejuvenated, revitalized, reenergized and the cells in your body will have shifted into healthier ones in order to assist you with this vibrational upgrade that is happening on your planet, and with that we are complete. 


The content, messages and advice contained in these recordings is for information and entertainment purposes only, and is provided as general information. It is not to be relied upon as medical or psychological advice. Please seek professional health care advice for any health concern and before making any decisions