We are here. We are a galactic council and we bring messages for humanity to assist you with this transitionary period that you are going through. Now some of you may be wondering, why would a galactic council come forward through one such as this, to bring messages to humanity? It does sound rather far fetched from your perspective of course (not from our perspective, for we have been with you for a very long time), but of course you have not been aware of this. 

We’ve come today to discuss the topic of money, your current barter system on your planet. It has served you well but it is now an archaic and rudimentary way for you to exchange goods and services with one another. It does not serve you as a planet any longer, especially when you consider the idea that you are a global family and that your marketplace is simply one, not many. What we mean by this is that even though you are all delineated by the boundaries of where you exist, where you live, where you work, where you play, these boundaries are man made and have been produced as a result of your third dimensional vibration. Moving forward, humanity will begin to realize that you are all one, coexisting, and that these boundaries are no longer required. Yes, you will all have differences for you all come from different parts of the planet but that your monetary system no longer requires to be so segregated and separated. You will in a sense, be relieved of that confusion for that experience has created more separation than is necessary as you move forward.

Your marketplace is huge and there is much to offer for each individual person, and each individual person has much to offer the marketplace. It would be unreasonable within the fifth dimension to continue this kind of separation. It is almost as if this one must come apart in order for something new to be created. You do not have to be concerned that there shall be a major transition as you go through this change, for that is not necessary. Yes, there will be a transition. For many of you, you do not understand, nor have any capacity to understand what may be coming down the pipeline, but you don’t have to. The vibrational shift that will be happening moving forward will in a sense, create a fallout, and that fallout will allow you to change your marketplace in order to install, integrate, introduce a new way of dealing with bartering. 

Yes, your digital currency is one way but it shall not be the only way, for the digital currency in and of itself is also a similar product to the one you are currently using. This will shift and change, and as it does so, you will begin to understand the value in a different way of what you have been experiencing so far within your current marketplace.

The commodities on your planet, including gold and silver, will be used as part of this transition, but they will not be the only things used. An entire new system will be being introduced in order to assist you to move through this. For many of you, you would at this time request information to help you to understand this better but we are not willing to bring you all of the fine details of how this will look, for this would simply give a one upmanship to anyone hearing this message and that is not the evolutionary stage of this transition when it comes to money on your planet. 

You may think, how am I going to cope? How will I deal with this?  But you don’t have to worry, it would be like putting the cart before the horse. You are not there yet, but suffice to say that new ideas will be forthcoming, and new structures will be put in place, to assist. This is an interesting time for you on planet Earth for many systems are being dismantled, we would say, in order to create new. And during this time, we can understand your unrest, discomfort at not knowing and we suggest that you let go of the fear of trying to control the outcome because at this point in the game, you do not know how to play moving forward yet, for the parts of the game have not yet been revealed to you. 

So just keep following your intuition as you continue to manage your monetary system as it is right now. There’s nothing for you to do. All will be revealed over time and suffice to say that the indecencies which have been occurring, will be stopped, removed, changed. 

It is indeed an unsettling time for you as a human race, for you do not know what is coming and this is very deliberate. For you are there to play a game, to experience contrast, to enjoy the delight being human. Were all to be revealed to you at once it would take away from the experience of being in the moment, which is the ultimate challenge we would say for you, to live in the moment, and if you knew what was coming, you would no longer be in the moment, but you would be in the future which isn’t here yet, until you co create it.

So relax, allow, enjoy, be and have no fear about what is coming where it will all work out perfectly in a way that will appear magic, but which in the end you will see is very strategic. It is a challenging time as you move through these changes but if you can stay in the moment, enjoying the experience, you will find it much easier to transition through for you are there not to barter and create financial wealth, but to co-create with one another and experience the joy of each other. This is far more important than this monetary system that has existed for so long, which has in a sense taken you away from yourselves and this shall be returning to you but at a very different level because of the new vibration on your planet. 

Do not be concerned what or how this is going to look for your vibrational level of conscious awareness will be different, which will in turn give you sight to things that you never saw before, and as you experience these changes, stay centered in your hearts for this is your barter system in a sense moving forward. For coming from this space will give you all the information that you need, and from this space, you will begin to understand the nature of all that is offered, to allow you to exist on your beautiful Mother Earth in a way that is harmonious, cocreative, and will bring you this happiness you seek, and with that we are complete.