You wonder to yourself, what you can do to alleviate any discomfort that will arise as a result of any change to your financial structure?

What you do not understand is that the structure, though it will crumble and fall away, it will be rebuilt in a completely different way. There are people, individuals on your planet, who are currently working through different scenarios, in order to bring about a new system for you as a species. A system that would allow you to barter and exchange goods and services with each other, not just locally but globally, in a different way from what has transpired in the past. This new method is a more equal and fair distribution, facets and parts and services that you as a global family can now co-exist with where it appeared in the past that you were all individuals with different we would say, idiosyncrasies to the financial system. This will be being removed for you are in a sense one family on this planet, one unit, per se, as you may consult with each other, and eventually contract with each other in new and different ways in order to exchange goods and services. 

As we’ve previously mentioned, we are not going to tell you what it is going to look like, for that would take away the excitement, the passion, the exploration and the experimentation that is required for humanity to create a system that works in its own best favor, in its own best way. We understand and recognize that your financial system has in fact, controlled your way of being for a very long time. This is not good or bad. It simply was and is, but pay attention to what is coming down and what is appearing now in terms of new currencies, new ways of co creating, and we would say bartering is not the right word but, sharing of assets with one another. There will be less of the, this is mine and that is yours, and more about, this is ours and how can we share together so that each has what they need. 

In a love filled environment it is less dog eat dog as you would describe it, there’s more equity. It is not to say that there will not be those who will, in a sense work harder than others and have more but that the discrepancy between what has happened prior to this and now will be infinitely less for you shall begin to notice that each person brings a certain amount to the table so to speak, in their own special way. And that the value of what they bring is no longer defined by your monetary currency but by what you as a human being know in your heart is needed for humanity. And so some of the things that you may have seen as less important in the past will become more important. They will have more stature, let’s say, for with the decline of your current monetary system, your awareness of what is, and what is needed is going to change. It will become more simple, straightforward, secure.

You are an exclusive species going through a major transition at this time and as you move through this transition, you will find many hiccups and changes along the way, not just in your financial system. Your family structure, for example, is already changing and has been changing for the last century. This will continue and within this family structure, the importance of each individual person in the unit will become more apparent. It is not about what someone can make and how much they contribute any longer. It is the necessity of each contribution that shall become important. In a sense, the idea that you each bring something unique, that allows everything to work smoothly together. This working smoothly together is what is going to sustain you in the future and a new currency, a new way of bartering with each other, will emerge that will bring about a level of equity and fairness across your planet. It will not be difficult, it will be a smooth transition and a fast one, and you do not need to be concerned about it. 

Just stay in your hearts accepting the changes that are coming, recognizing that they are for the greater good, not the individual benefit, and that this greater good shall be your new focus moving forward. This will be a new different dynamic that you will be operating from but it will serve you as a species better in the long run. You may, if you wish, consider maintaining your current system in some state, but we would suggest that this be done with great caution for this is what creates much of your split situation on your planet, power exchange, which is no longer a part of the fifth dimension. There is no them in us, there is only the we. There is only the we, and together there will be harmony. Any separation of this creates tension, competition and a disunity. And so we strongly recommend that you move forward easily with this transition, understanding that the breakdown that is required will open the space for a breakthrough new way of being, new way of managing your assets on your planet. 

It is an exciting time for you as a species, for there will be many more new fabrications to be shown to you, ones that you could not imagine would work but they shall. You will be learning from many others in the galaxy using systems, practices, processes and technology that you have not yet been introduced to, that ultimately make your life on planet Earth much easier. This is our promise to you. The darkness is lifting and there shall be much light which will assist you to live at a very different level. A level of harmony. 

We as a multi galactic collective of intelligences bring you these messages each time in order to support you through this change and for you to realize that you are not alone. Not in your solar system, in your galaxy or in the universe. There are many others rooting for your success, which has already happened and so as you go through these changes continue to stay in your heart and by doing that, you will find this much easier. 

Heart centered living is the nature of your future as a species on your planet and the financial system with which you have used for many years now, does not belong and so these changes are ultimately what is required in order for you to transition. There are many other aspects to being heart centered, which over the next little while we shall bring more instruction to you to assist you with this and with that we are complete.