We are here to talk to you about the nature of relationships; with yourselves, with each other, and with the planet. For it is within your relationships that you co-exist, and exist together on planet Earth. 

It appears as though you are a complicated species, to yourselves, and most certainly the experience of being on your planet is not a simple one, especially when looked at from the perspective of being in relationship, and yet this is how you are, this is how you exist. This is how you function, for you breed in order to procreate your species, and continue from one linear moment to another. 

It could be construed that it is complicated to be human because of the emotional state that happens to you in the experience of being in relationship with one another. As the saying goes, “no man is an island”. You are not solitary beings. You enjoy the company of one another in the design of your lives but we recognize that often this experience of being together creates disharmony. 

This is something that has been prevalent in your, society we shall call it although over time, your society has been created. But your society has created practices and ways of being together that have developed and designed a certain way of life for you all. This design has meant that you follow in the footsteps of the previous individuals who have taught you how to be within relationships. And up to this point it has been a fairly rudimentary experience for you have been learning. But you have been learning at a very low vibration of being, one that incurs a lot of unrest, hesitancy, doubt, betrayal, lack of trust and highly emotional states that cause unrest, difficult experiences for you. 

This is all changing now for on your planet a new dimension is being, we shall use the word incarnated, created, born, set up should we say, and this new dimension is almost the complete opposite of what you have been experiencing so far. It is one of companionship, love, acceptance, joy, peace. It is not that it is dull, and it is not also a fantasy. 

It is a real life experience that is centered, centered from the heart, and from this vibration, your sense of relationships with yourselves and others shall change completely. There will be harmony, hope, love, acceptance, serenity and a very deep knowing of each other and of yourselves at an intimate, individual level. 

This may seem like it sounds like pie in the sky, Nirvana, how could this possibly be? And yet it can. Moving into the fifth dimension requires you to let go of the previous ways of being in relationship with each other. No longer will you have these lower vibrational negative emotional states; jealousy, resentment, hatred, judgment, anger, doubt, distrust, for these vibrations can no longer exist at this higher level. 

There is nothing that you need do to move into this dimension. You do not need to go to school for this or study for it, for this is a light photon experience, an upgrade, a chemical alchemization. How would we describe this? It is transformational experience.

Of course, there will be some hiccups as you go along for it is a shift in your reality. And not all of you will wish to move into this place for you are not ready. Your souls’ experiences are not yet complete within the third dimension but there is a letting go required. This is the, we would call it, more of an unlearning than a learning, for in your incarnation you begin in this place. You come into this planet at this high love vibrational level; pure, pure love, and it is in the experience of being in relationship with one another that you experience these shifts into these lower vibrational frequencies, these energies of which we speak. 

However, as your planet shifts its dimension and as you, as a species become a different level of consciousness, this energy will change. And so too will your experience of yourselves and one another. The hiccups that you will go through to transition into this place are simply a letting go and a releasing of old ways of being. And taking on, or reintegration we would say is a better way to describe it, of what is already you, love. 

The energy of love is a profound experience within the human being. This is the Nirvana of which we speak. It is not the heart, thumping chemical driven experience of being in love when you meet someone new. It is that deep, contented, knowing of love that you have in your spiritual awakening moments, when all is right with your world, and you feel satisfied, fully and completely in moments of joy, and you feel inspired to take action to create beauty, passion, art, creation. This energy will be the energy that supplies your way of being more and more. 

The letting go of these other negative memories and experiences perhaps can be tricky for some of you, for you do have a tendency to hold on to things, and this is just the nature of your being, but this will become less and less. For you shall begin to, at an alchemical level understand the true nature of being, of “being love” with yourselves and with one another. And consciously, you shall understand that there is very little benefit to you to holding on to these other emotional states.

Of course, as the chicken requires to work itself out of the eggshell, you too are required to break through out of that old paradigm and into this new one. And this is where you are at. You are experiencing this shift in your consciousness level, and in your inter-relationship styles with one another. And so you are on the path, the path to love, to a new way of being, to a new existence with one another, to a new experience of being a human being in love. This is not in the “in love” way that you think. It is better, for it does not have the volatility we would say, of that “being in love” experience. It is a more calm, content, beautiful, loving, knowing of yourselves and one another. 

As you transition out of 3D and through 4D, this breaking of the shell, into who you really are as a species, back to who you really are it shall seem a little difficult but you are fully supported in this experience at a galactic level, and at a cosmic level, for this is the next state for you as a species.

We are the Love Matriarch energy. We are from a different galaxy and so our dimensional experience cannot be understood by you at this time but we are here specifically to help you understand how it is that you can evolve into this new dimensional way of being. We understand you from a very different level and so we do not feel it necessary to explain in any other detail to you for you at this time would not yet understand. You do not have the languaging or the capability to grasp it and neither does this conduit at this time, but suffice to say that we are bringing our message to you, as a message of hope, confirmation, and to inspire you to keep going for as some of you would say, you know, rainbows and unicorns are on their way, is a little trite way of describing this Nirvana of which we speak but, it is in a sense what is coming for you. 

So stay the course with this difficult experience you have of breaking through, recognizing that each individual person breaks through at their own timeline, in their own time space reality, in their own way, and so be gentle with one another and with yourselves. As your saying goes “the darkest moment is right before dawn”, you are ready to move into this love filled dimension. It is happening. You cannot prevent it from evolving on your planet, for she herself is moving to the same place and as the species that exists upon her you are part of this process. It is a predestined evolution of the human race on planet Earth. And there are many energies here to support you on this journey. We shall come again with more information around your relationship issues to assist you with this transition, and with that we are complete.