Today is December 11th, 2020 and this is Gail Scott channeling.

We are the Green Beings, and we are here today because we have a desire to speak with you regarding pot, weed, marijuana. This plant has many purposes, and can greatly aid you in your experience, and you have discovered many ways that you can use it to your advantage.

For the majority of individuals, this plant is fairly harmless, giving you an existence of expansion in ways that, in normal day to day life, you do not normally have access to. It is a feel good plant. It is not, in a sense, dangerous to you as a human being. However, though this is not true for many, there are some, with whom there are contraindications, and this is something that you should be aware of. For it is important that you know both sides of the possibilities when you are engaging with anything that you ingest, whether it be in the form of food, liquid, powder, plant material, or inhalation, for there are many individuals for whom this plant can become extremely addictive.

Legalization of this product on your planet has brought about an ease of use of it, and as we mentioned, for most people, this will actually enhance their lives. However, it must be used with caution, for it can also be a distraction, and reduce your level of conscious awareness. This may seem inaccurate to you when you hear us say this, for, for many of you, your experience of using marijuana has been, what seems to be the opposite. You have an expanded experience, you are able to taste and live a more richer experience, when you use this product.

Nothing done to excess is good for a human being, and this is possible with many different things in life, for addiction is a great problem with your species. Addiction has become a gateway to avoidance of the emotional state, and the legalization of marijuana will simply enhance this. When you are using this product, this plant, we suggest that you limit the ingestion of it, for anything that removes you from your current state of awareness is not going to benefit you in the long run.

Every Indigenous tribe on your planet has its own way of dealing with the medicine of plants and marijuana is simply one of those medicines. This is why individuals are trained in Shamanic practices to honour the plant, the land, the individual and the use of it. It is not like candy, and yet this is how you have developed the commercialization of this plant.

And so our message to you today is a return to the honoring of the sacredness of whatever you use, and pot is one that we believe you have lost the essence of the sacredness of the plant. It has become a trinket to make your life better, and the connection to the respect and honor of the plant needs to be regenerated and reintroduced.

And so we recommend that for those of you who decide to partake, using this particular product in whatever form it comes, we suggest one thing, that there is an element of ceremony or ritual, a sacredness around using such a plant. We suggest pot specifically, because of the prevalence that it has moved into, in your current society, especially in this country, where this one lives, and so, bless the plant in whatever form you are choosing to ingest it and set an intention that the use of the plant be for your benefit only, and that it be limited to the use with which it is intended, and for nothing further.

This means that you as a human must begin to be aware of the purpose for which you use it, whether it is to stimulate the expansion of your mind, to relax your body, to heal and deal with pain, or to simply have fun connecting with yourself and with another in any experience with the use of this. Do not be flippant about this, for this is to your detriment. Re-introduce a Shamanic energy into the purpose of using this plant for yourself. For many of you we realize that you will not do this, and we understand, and this is why we bring this simply as a suggestion.

You may, if you wish, hold your hands over, above, whatever it is that you are going to use, imagining that you are bringing the energy of Mother Earth and the sky and the moon and the sun into the plant, or back into the plant, in order for you to connect as a human being with where the plant came from, setting an intention out loud potentially, or to yourself, thanking your planet Mother Earth for sustaining the growth of this, acknowledging the individuals who are responsible for creating it in its current form that you are going to use, respecting your bodies in the fact that they are going to then take it into them, and thanking yourself for being aware enough, to connect at a different level with the plant, so that the intention for using the plant, is one of love, safety, collaboration.

Yes, this practice would take time but when you can create a ritual that is filled with respect, you will notice the energetics of the plant use change. There will be more positive feelings experienced. It is much the same as individuals who bless their food before they consume it, but we do not wish for you to do this from a religious perspective, but more from the idea that you are honoring all elements of the experience.

You will not always remember to do this, but if you are able to begin this practice, you will notice a profound difference in the benefits to yourself in doing this. This will in fact change the energetic molecular structure of not only what you are away to ingest, but your own body’s ability to receive it and there will be a higher vibrational connection between you and the plant. Honour what Mother Earth provides for you. We feel that this particular product is not being honored, and this is why we have brought this message to you today.

Now if you are an individual who does not use this plant, you may take this suggestion of honoring the sacredness of whatever you choose to put into your body, and you may begin to bring ritual and ceremony of honor to anything that you are going to put into your body, on your body or use with your body. This is simply a practice of respect, using your conscious awareness at another item, whether it has grown or remanufactured so that the intention begins to shift, so that the intention of the use of anything, is to improve, feed, nurture, nourish, bring sustenance to elevate the vibrational effect of the joining of your body with any particular product, and you can do that as with anything.ritu

We do not wish for you to not enjoy things. Of course, your planet is filled with a multitude of multicolored, wonderful additions that you can use in many forms, and we wish you of course to enjoy those. But if you are able to bring an element of ritual into the process with a clear intention of love, this will begin to elevate your vibration at a very different level. It’s simple, and you may remember or you may forget, but we wished for you to know this, for it is just another way that you can raise your vibration.

We are the Green Beings. We come with messages of wellness, and with that, we are complete.