You think you need to know what is going to happen ahead of time, before it happens so to speak, but that is not the way that life works; not in this quantum space on planet Earth right now. You believe that if you know what’s going to happen, you will be better able to control it, enjoy it, experience it. This is inaccurate. A more accurate way to look at it is that you control every aspect of what is coming at you in any given moment, and the way that you react to it changes the picture, the action let us say on the slide of life, the frame in the movie so to speak, and your choices create the vision, the storyline, the experiences. You see you believe that, were you to know ahead of time, you’d be in control, but the only thing that you are in control of is your experience of the present moment. 

Why are we taking you down this storyline, this path, this complicated way of thinking of things?





You see you have come into this quantum space, in this incarnation let us say, to experience many things, yes? To experience joy, to experience sadness, to experience adventure, to experience intimacy, to experience being human. What does this mean? It means that as a human being, you will be in action for you have a body which allows you the ability to be in motion, to be in flow, to be in one place, and then in another. You have a brain within your body, a computer let’s say, that assists you in remembering what you’ve done from the past. In fact, it creates a program within your brain based on what you have done in the past, in order to assist you in the future because your experience, moment to moment, could be said to be predicated on what happened in the past, but that is all changing now for that software, we would say is outdated. Your world is evolving faster than your little human brains can compute at this point in time and this is why things are so, confusing is a good way to describe it. 


So how do you cope with a world that is constantly changing when you are limited by the programming that is in your brain from the past? 

You surrender, you trust and you let go. Now you don’t let go of everything of course because you’re not going to do that, because some things work. Some things are helpful. Some things are useful. Your ego, for example, knows how to do things, but your heart knows the way to move forward. Your heart is connected to that Higher Self part of you, the intuitive knowing of what is coming next, which is what you all want to know, but in trusting and letting go, you bring online the heart. You allow space to be created so that everything is not intricately organized in such a way that there is no space for intuition to guide you. 

And how do you do this? 


Trusting that you, you, have a higher source of knowledge that you can tap into. This is the source of knowledge that brings you the wisdom that helps you to understand that no matter what comes down the pipeline, you will have the skills to be able to deal with it. You see, it doesn’t matter if you haven’t dealt with it before because energetically you have dealt with other experiences similar to anything that comes in front of you now. You have programming both from your past and from your future, to assist you. 

Now, what do we mean by this? 

You see, in your incarnation as a human being, you are experiencing things, obstacles we would say, or experiences as you go from one day to the next and you are drawing on knowledge already acquired. You see, in the quantum field, all things exist. You’re not just living in this 3D world here on planet Earth, but you exist in the soup, let’s say, of everything, and so if you go through life believing that the only ingredients that are in your soup are the ones that you have experienced in this lifetime, that is a very limited way of believing you function. It is also inaccurate. You contribute to the soup of your life from all of your lives, in all quantum realities, whether they are past lives on planet Earth, future incarnations in other forms, or other lifetimes currently existing right at this moment. Yes, this might sound very, very confusing to you, if this is not a reality that you have considered before now, but imagine that you are living a stream of lives constantly. It is as if there is one big pot of soup and you are in different realities within this pot of soup, having different flavors of soup all at the same time. We’re using a pot of soup, simply because it will give you the idea that you can add whatever you want into the mix, and that there will have been experiences from your other realm of lives where you can draw on knowledge, wisdom, capabilities, functions, innate abilities; all of these kinds of things to assist you to live the life that you’re living. So what does this mean? Well, this means that in this lifetime that you are living currently, you, should you choose to do so, you may access wisdom and knowledge in other realities, and pull them into this life in order to cope with what is happening in this current reality.

And how do you do that? 

You surrender. You trust that the higher self part of you that each of you have, for you are all made of greater things than this physical body as a human being, that you are able to tap into that innate wisdom and trust that it, in a sense, has your back, that it will guide you. Now, this innate wisdom can be accessed through several ways. You may call it prayer. This is one form of seeking out its wisdom. You may meditate, calling upon that quiet space in your mind, again accessing that wisdom that comes to you when you are able to quieten the ego that thinks it knows how to live in this reality, based only on what it has experienced in this reality so far. You may also access your spiritual wisdom in the form of other sources, let us say, for example, nature, the bigger world, accessing God, so to speak. You may also tap into the wisdom of your body, for at a cellular DNA quantum level, all wisdom exists within all dimensions and you can access this also through the energy of your heart, for it has far more wisdom available to you than the programming in your brain. So that requires you to let go of believing that your brain is the box of all knowledge, let’s say, and letting go and trusting that the wisdom that comes to you through that innate source within your body or within your heart or within a quiet moment or within nature or within your own special time where you are able to quieten the mind, and you can tap into that wisdom. 

Now, how is this helpful living in this 3D world that you are living in right now? 

Well, you see, there’s a lot of noise in your world. There’s a lot of ingredients being added to your soup, that perhaps were you to be in choice, you would not be adding them for they do not make it taste good. They do not in a sense, amplify anything other than noise that you do not wish to be there. This is a little cryptic so let’s make it a little simpler for you. In your world, you have much distraction. Oh yes, there’s lots of information coming at you from lots of other sources that think that they know what you need to know, but this also is inaccurate for they are living out through their quantum reality, their space and potentially their information resources are not in your best interests. Not all is as it appears. And so this is where, we shall call it discernment, comes in, and this is an up leveling of your vibrational alignment, your way of being, your thinking, your processing, your feeling, your knowing, in the physical form as a human being. 

How do you think? How do you feel? How do you know what works for you in your life? Is it because someone else told you so? Is it because someone else added information into your life that perhaps doesn’t add well to the taste of your soup, the life you live? 

Begin to discern more deliberately. Begin to assess the knowledge that is coming at you from other sources, the information that you are being bombarded with at this time and begin to stand in a place of alignment with your soul, connection with your heart, intuitively accessing your body as to whether or not something feels right. Yes, this is this practice of using your body to know if something is right for you or not. This is something that for many of you, you have not accessed in a very long time. For this practice of using your body as a barometer let’s say, has been, we do not wish to say beaten out of you, but it has been. 

You have been in a sense force fed information that has taken you away from your innate knowing, your own wisdom, your own inner guidance, and this message, this message today, in this moment, is a call; a call out to you. Each of you listening to this message, yes you, to let go of the noise that bombards you constantly. We have said this before many, many times in previous messages about getting quiet, about letting go of the busyness of your life, about turning off your mainstream media, which is regurgitating, and we use this word deliberately, regurgitating information that is not coming from the energy of love but that is coming to perpetuate a fearful agenda for you. 

These are strong words. We recognize this and so we say this to you with love, for we love you very much and we support you. Begin to pay attention to how it feels in your body when you are hearing these messages. If you are feeling fear, recognize that this is not in your best interests. It is not going to make the soup of your life taste good. If however, you are hearing something where you feel aligned, it feels right, it is true for you, and you know it to be something that you want, move forward. Trust that knowing. This may take some practice. It may also take some decisions you may not wish to make, but if you were able to see your future and look back on your past in that future place, you would see why this would be the better choice. Not that better is not the right word for there is no better or worse, no good or bad, black or white. This is just the reality in which you live. 

So let’s go back to the how. 

In this moment, in this very moment, you are having experiences where you are not deeply connected to yourself. You are being led, coerced we would say, with information that perhaps is less than accurate. It’s not a bad thing. It’s a growing thing. It’s an opportunity for you as an individual sovereign being, human being with a very, very connected spiritual side of you that is knocking on your door saying “what do you want in your future?” For you do wish to control your future. This is where we started. You want to know what’s coming. If you want to know what’s coming, you must look at what is in this moment, and you must assess if this is feeling right for you. In the feeling sense in your body, you will know if something is aligned or off. If it feels off, it requires you to stop, to notice and to assess what might be a different course of action, a different decision, a different choice, a different way of looking at something, a different, you may wish to research something before you move forward. Yes, this is going to require you to not be led, guided, force fed, but to choose for yourselves. 

We give you another example. Imagine that you are a young person. Maybe you are a young person, and you are in high school, and you are choosing which university to go to when you leave high school and what you are going to study. And you have loving parents who care very much about you, but they wish for you to follow a certain path for they believe that this is in your best interests. However, in your heart you know that this is not where your passion lies. You do not wish to become a doctor, a lawyer, a “whatever the other course is” that they wish you to take. It is not that your parents do not love you, they do, but they are operating from a paradigm that is from their past, from their programming. You may follow in the path that they are guiding you down for you feel the need to make them happy, appease them. You have not given yourself enough time to really consider what might be something you might want to do, or you just don’t know, but were you to stop and take time and think about the possibilities, your soul, your knowing, your heart would actually give you guidance on what to do. 

This is a very similar experience to where you’re at right now, no matter what stage of life you are at. Being able to harness the energy of your heart, tap into your spiritual knowing, be guided by that higher source that is you, whether it is through prayer, meditation, time in nature, creativity, whatever you use to be able to tap into that, you will find yourself feeling aligned and knowing that you are following in a path that is your choice. This is your opportunity right now, dear ones. 

Not everyone will hear this message. Some of you may hear parts of it and others will hear none of it and some will hear all of it and make choices that are different. None of it is wrong. We bring you, we would say a light in the darkness, to assist you to see that there are options available to you that perhaps you have not yet seen, that is all. This is your journey. You get to choose of all the choices that are available to you, and in that quantum reality your choices are unlimited. It is in the energy of the heart that you are given access to the deepest, highest levels of choice and that is what will create your reality, your future that will be joy filled. It is not that it will be only easy for we never said that, and that is not what you desire. You desire a life of variety. You desire a life of creativity. You desire a life of shifting and morphing and moving and allowing, and in that quantum soup that is when life will taste the best. It’s your choice, and with that we are complete.