Professional Coaching and Guidance

Spiritual Guidance


Need guidance on what is happening for you right now? Want to know what’s next for you in life, love or business? Consider an Intuitive Guidance Session.

Tantra Coaching

This is a fully clothed in-home coaching service exploring greater intimacy and deeper connection. Using ancient Tantric practices learn how to build greater trust within any partnership and oneself. Ideal clients are individuals looking to improve an already good relationship or a single person interested in Tantra.

Life Coaching

If you are looking for profound change in your life, consider Transformational Coaching. Together we will create a clear plan with defined outcomes. You will receive proven strategies, tools for success and access to your own personal wisdom.

Relationship Communication

Specializing in TRUST with a focus on self-esteem and self-confidence in personal relationships.  Ideal clients include; the recently divorced, individuals continually getting into the wrong relationships and couples wishing to improve couple’s communication. 

This is not couple’s therapy. This is for couples and families wanting guidance with TRUST and deepen their connection with one another.