Gail Scott’s passion and purpose is to help you explore who you really are and evolve into the best version of yourself.  In all her presentations she shares her unique knowledge about the changes upon us as a race and as individuals, and most especially how to improve our relationships that matter the most. 

Each talk is tailored to the audience.  Gail’s unique energetic spiritual connection allows her to bring messages relevant for the time we are in.  These messages will provoke you and challenge you as well as assist you to navigate these times with more ease and less stress. 

Her personal story of transformation, as well as her extensive experience, education and spiritual connection, provides the foundation for all her talks.  Her presentations are emotionally engaging, inspirational and humorous. 



Watch snippets of Gails MoMondays series of talks about TRUST, Personal Growth & More!

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“Gail is passionate and a great presenter”

Audience Member

"An empathic speaker with a charming accent"

"An uplifting and informative presentation."

"Gail’s presentation will expand your awareness of what it means to be a human being in relationships."

“Interesting live story, knowledgeable and approachable.”

“Easy to talk to and creates great dialogue for a group.”

"You’ll either learn useful things for your life or be reminded of them."

We have asked Gail to speak at Momondays several times, and each time, she totally engaged the audience with her warmth, humor and insights. We’ll be asking her back again soon.
Michel Neray

Acting CMO, Leanwerks