Workshops are a powerful way to invoke change

for anyone, anywhere,  anytime.

Trust Workshops

Spark Change

1 hr Lunch & Learns

(One time or Series)

Support Change

1/2 Day Workshops

(One time or Series)

Facilitate Change

Full Day Workshops

(One time or Series)

Profound Change

Private Workshops

(One time or Series)

“Gail is enthusiastic and authentic.”

"Gail leads you to the path of self awareness."

“Enjoyable, relevant, insightful useful information.”

"Great insights into relationships and how they work...or don’t."

"Energetic, charismatic and informed."

"Her energy is fun light and inspires me to look at things differently."

"Instantly empowering, bold and confident."

All training and educational programs are built from Gail’s Keynote Topics. Each module is filled with tools, practices, and exercises that focus on building TRUST and strengthening relationships

Workshops for Change @ Work

Increase TRUST with in teams,
improve g
ender intelligence, and
limit family patterns that show up in the workplace.Y

  Workshops just for Yourself

Grow Self-TRUST, Intimacy & Spirituality.

Workshops for @ Home Help 

Improve the relationship 
with those you love.

Learn about TANTRA teachings

Explore Gender Communication

Bring more TRUST into your work culture.

Dive into Family Patterns

Invite Gail to present her tailored workshops to your group, organization or association today for a better tomorrow.

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