Programs & Workshops

A powerful way to invoke change

Ignite Change with 4-6 week programs.

Profound Shifts with 8-12 Week programs.

Lasting Growth with 6+ month programs.

Spark awareness with 1 hr Lunch & Learns.

Support change with 1/2 Day workshops

Facilitate efforts with full-day workshops

For individual growth…

All programs are built from Gail’s private coaching insights, personal studies of interest and powerful life experiences.

Each module is filled with tools, practices, and exercises that focus on personal growth of individuals.

For deep growth…

The Self Love Series

“Self Love is a prerequisite to Self-Trust”

A 12-month journey into yourself for yourself

All extensive programs available require a deep and intense desire for serious life change.

Want to turn it all around, create a new chapter, a fresh start.

Begin here…with me…and yourself.

Ideal in groups…

Tailored workshops (one time or series) are ideal for private groups, professional organizations or industry associations.

Let’s get people engaged today for a more productive tomorrow.

Live Events…

The Alaster Group

A live action spiritual conversation with an
open Q & A


One of kind events intimate spiritual experience exploring the non-physical realm. 

An opportunity, in a group setting to experience multiple spiritual modalities from a personal perspective.