This is “The Infinite”, and we are very pleased that you have paid attention to the messages that are coming through for you, and not just for you, but for all of humanity at this time.

There are many energies bombarding your planet, beautiful Planet Earth, Mother Gaia, for these energies are creating grid-like shifting and new patterning in order to accommodate the changes that will be being realized within the structure of your earth. These changes are required to uphold new energy; energy that has never been experienced on Planet Earth before. These energies are in essence, an upgrade.

We have talked about this many times. Over the last decade, almost since 2012, your planet has been spinning at a different vibration, a new vibration, an elevated vibration. In essence, you have been moving faster than you have ever moved to before. Astrologically the planets in your system, your solar system, are realigning and adjusting to this increase in vibration, so that the system itself is being also upgraded.

What does this mean for you as an individual human being living in this time space reality on your planet?

In a sense, it offers you an easier time eventually, but as with any change there are always periods of adjustment. And as we describe this to you, we show you the analogy of breaking in a horse; for a horse is a wild beast that over time can be tamed to follow your direction. And so Planet Earth has been in a sense this wild beast of energy.

And now the Galactic Councils, the Federation of Light, have decided (although they are not the only ones who have made this decision), they are instrumental in making sure that this transition, this breaking in of the energy on your planet, is a smooth one. A smooth transition we would say, but as in the breaking down of the will of a horse, it is not always the smoothest of transitions, and you as a species, a population, are certainly noticing this at this time. Do not be concerned about the success of this venture, for the success has already been achieved. Nirvana, Heaven on Earth, already exists. You are just in a sense, going through the energetic shift to get you there.

And what does this mean?

This means that there is going to be a period of adjustment where it will appear as though everything is going wrong in a sense, but it is not. It is simply the adjustment of going from one state to another. Because it is a planetary shift, it will seem very precarious and almost as if it may cease to exist. It is a rather serious way of looking at it, but that is how close to the edge it will appear, but the transition has already happened at a vibrational level and know for sure that you will come through this and move into a whole new dimension; one of ease, flow, love, peace and harmony.

Some on your planet will not survive this shift and they are not meant to; it is not in their destiny. They will move on to other incarnations in other time-space realities. It is their choice as a soul being for this to happen. However, as a species, as a human being with an emotional state, and a strong sense of community with each other, this will not be an easy transition. It shall not be a painful transition for those moving forward into this new state, but until such time as the transition has been completed, it will be difficult for some of you.

Some options of how to navigate this are being in nature, enjoying your planet. Once the Corona Virus/Covid 19 epidemic/pandemic as you call it, has transitioned out of your system and it shall, there will come a peaceful time; a time of rest we would say, for just as when the body has been sick, and it requires recuperation, it is the same with your planet.

Once she, Gaia, has transitioned through this energetic shift, there will come a reprieve we would say. As you as a species also go through this reprieve you will be able to enjoy, perhaps enjoy is not the correct word, but certainly be at peace with and take advantage of the peace that comes through being at one in nature. For this energetic coming together of you as an individual human or in groups on the planet shall rejuvenate both you and her.

But you are not quite there yet.

This next couple of weeks, certainly at this time we would say, seems to hang in the balance, so to speak. But fear not, for the balance is already won. New leaders will emerge. Leaders who have agreed ahead of time to take on the role of assisting your species to move through this transition more smoothly. And these will be leaders that you will not recognize at the beginning but who will come into their own in a way that will provide a solid foundation for you as a species, as a global unit.

For now, your job as an individual is to stay the course, love one another, be committed to maintaining your sense of self without the energy of fear. It is to hold true to love. Many on your planet, lightworkers and star seeds already have this energetic genome we would say, within their DNA and they came at this time specifically for this transition to assist and to play an active role in the movement from fear to love. Pay attention to their messages, for they are able to assist you at this time.

Yes, it appears as though your world is going mad but this is not the case. We recommend that if at all possible, you enjoy the quietness that has been mandated on your planet. For although it appears as if the energy is restricted, it is, in fact offering you the opportunity to slow down, focus on your priorities, become one with yourself and nature, and your fellow human beings, for the speed that was happening on your planet, prior to this technological and biological shift was one that was not in your best interests.

Do not be concerned about the past, for that is done now and as you move forward into the light, into more light, into greater light, into a more divine light, to a healing light, everything will shift and change for the better. But stay the course for now, for it will appear not this way for some, for most who are not connected to themselves and to their own Divine light within.

Using many of your meditative practices will assist you in transitioning through this, what appears to be a very difficult time. Being in nature, relaxing, listening to music, reading uplifting material, loving one another, eating healthy food and drinking water. These are all simple self care practices, which at the outset appear to be very simplistic, (is the word we would use), and yet these are what is required for you to feed your soul so to speak. Keep it simple, and this will help you at an individual level transition through this shift much more easily.

Not everyone is a mover and shaker and required to be involved in the transition at a greater level, in the front line so to speak, but each one of you has a role to play in your own energetic vibration and these small easy tasks of self care will assist the greater shifting of the energy on your planet.

We come with these messages at this time for we know that you seek them. Begin to believe in the power of you as a community, and a unit, as a whole on a planetary system; a global unit versus individual community or from a country perspective, for in a sense you are moving out of separation and into a bigger community. Over time you will see this; this blending of humanity, where separation exists at this point, but you will all become one more cohesive unit as time moves on. And in the meantime, there are some small hiccups to be gone through.

We love you, we bring you light, we bring you assistance at this time at an energetic level and we surround you with love. Be good to one another. Be good to yourselves and stay the course. And with that we are complete.