I wish I could tell you it’s going to be over soon.

But I can’t.  Not yet.  No one can.

But what I can tell you is, it IS going to be different.

Because it already is.

Before the ‘Rona, all I heard from new clients was …

I’m tired.

I’m stressed.

I’m exhausted.

I’m not having any fun.

I have too much to do.

I’m exhausted.

I can’t relax.

I am super busy.

I can’t meditate.

My body is in overdrive.

I need a nap FOR A WEEK.

I’m in debt.

I feel drained.

I want a vacation.

Can I run away?

We recognize that we are all still in a situation that’s unclear, uncertain and unpredictable BUT our collective energy is changing. 

There’s now …

Time to think.

Time to spring clean.

Time to read.

Time to watch movies.

Time to chat with friends and family online.

Time to garden.

Time to relax.

Time to cook something new.

Time to go for a walk.

Time to focus.

Time to breathe.

Time to be with the kids.

Time to talk on the phone.

Time to sleep.

Time to work.

Time to be together (with those we live with).

Time to feel rested.

Time to take care of paperwork.

Time to be present.

I believe we were all due for a “reset”. 

Our world needed to stop. 

And this is what is happening.

Whether we like it or not.

Maybe for some of you …

Life still sucks. 

And it’s getting worse.

And you’re scared.

And if you’re in that place I have news.  

It’s going to get even worse.

Because here’s what’s going on.

Our planet is up-leveling. 

And things are going to be a whole lot different.

So let’s figure out why your life sucks.  TODAY.  Let’s get you help.

There is HOPE.

Complete my short intake form, and let’s talk.

Let’s talk about what you really want with your life.

Let’s start to plan so that your future is brighter.

Let’s make your today and tomorrow even better.

There’s no time to waste.

This ‘Rona time space reality’ won’t be here forever (thank God), and for you, when it’s all done with, it could just be same shit, different world.  

Is that what you want?

No, I didn’t think so.

Here’s that form.

Once I get your form, we’ll have a real conversation about your world … and see if we can help you create something better.