Have you lost track of time? Of the day, week, or even month?

I know I have.

It’s like we’re in a new vibration. One called slow.

And what if it stays like this?

In a workshop I attended recently the question put to the group was …

“What have you lost, and how has this isolation affected you?

One person answered it a little differently. Looking ahead, she was afraid of losing what she’d gained … time and freedom. Her 2 1/2 hour commute each day had disappeared, and she was enjoying working from home.

What about you? Is it easier or harder?

Recently I attended a funeral on-line. It was surreal, and yet very real. As I watched 50 other people show up on the zoom platform I realized that we, as humans, are adapting to this crisis very well. These changes are still allowing us to support others.

Life sure has changed.

Many businesses have had to adapt to working remotely, and it’s been extremely effective. Coaching is one of those businesses that has been ahead of the game, as I’ve been offering my services by telephone, or online, since 2011.

Many times I never meet my clients in person. And several times I’ve hired coaches to work with me that I’ve never met in person. And it works wonderfully.

After 12 weeks of remote coaching a recent client said “Before I started I didn’t believe I had any power, that life was scary and anything bad can happen. Now everything about me has changed, in a good way, and it all happened organically. I’m excited about life, what’s possible, what’s present, and what’s coming”.

With the addition of zoom technology, several of my clients are now working face to face with me just as if they were in my office as I also offer intuitive guidance, energy healing and channeling messages remotely.

We are coming together in new ways. All over the globe.

I’ve even set up a daily date with my youngest daughter (who is still in Slovenia) to watch Netflix together. We meet on zoom, set up a show, and watch one episode before she goes to sleep as she is 6 hours ahead of us.

Maybe you’re beginning to notice what you could be gaining from this isolation?

None of us know what is going to happen exactly, and maybe that is a good thing. But I’ve discovered that, just as in a coaching relationship, it’s often better than we could have imagined.

Our world is transforming before our very eyes.

Are you?

Transformation happens when you trust yourself, let go of needing to know exactly how it’s going to look, and accept that you might need some help.
~ Gail Scott

Having practices in life that bring joy, time and freedom can include connecting with loved ones, making simple changes to your lifestyle or having a coach like me to walk with you through the good and the bad. I’ve opened up space in my calendar for 2 or 3 more clients right now so if you think coaching could help you, contact me and let’s get started.

We will first explore what’s not working, and what you really want. Whether we coach together or not (this depends IF what I offer is what you need), this free conversation is guaranteed to have you feeling like you gained a whole new perspective of your world.

Now that’s what I call transformation.