Are you wondering what’s going to happen next? If you’re trying to figure out what to do in the current situation, listen to the latest message from the 6th Dimension “Green Beings”. They have clear direction, good ideas and wonderful insight to help you right now.

Today is November 21, 2020, and this is Gail Scott channeling.

You wonder what will become of your world for it appears as if it has gone mad, and as each day moves forward, and limitations and restrictions are in place, you cannot see any way out of this situation. However, we are here to tell you that this will not last forever, for great changes are in your midst right now.

We are the “Green Beings”. We are a 6th Dimensional group who come with messages of love and light; messages that will help enhance your bodies and your minds and your hearts. And so, we bring these messages today to you to bring you hope for there is not much hope right now on the planet; for the masses are not feeling this. There are of course pockets of communities and individuals who can see and know because their level of consciousness has risen to a degree where they are aware of the illusions, and the possibilities that can be manifested, depending on your level of focus.

And so, what does all of this mean? This means that when change is upon you, you cannot see what is coming for you are in the midst of it. It makes sense. If you are in a traffic jam, and you cannot see the accident that is up ahead, you can be confused and exasperated and frustrated at not being able to move forward on your journey. But sometimes there are situations that need to be cleared away before the way can become clear, and this is what is going on in your planet. There are energies that require to be removed, deconstructed we would say is a better way of describing it, and when this has happened, and this will happen, you as a species will move forward.

So what can you do right now in the midst of this waiting, holding space that you find yourselves in; restrictive situations that seem exasperating and unclear? We suggest that you go inward. We suggest that you take the time to let go of anything that does not matter. Anything that seems ego driven and external, for the world that you are moving forward into is a heart centered, love driven environment and community, and you will need to step away from any ego driven motivation, and into your hearts.

And what does this mean? This means that you must see your fellow man as yourself. You must begin to hold compassion and empathy and space for each person in your environment. This means that you may begin to see each other as fellow passengers on the journey, on the highway, as you sit out and wait for the accident up ahead to be cleared. We have brought this message before around this accident analogy and we felt it was appropriate to return with this message for you. For yes, we understand the frustration, especially for those who are aware that much of it is an illusion.

But this is the journey that you are on, so to speak.

And so as you sit in your houses, unable to move forward in action, much as you would in a car on a highway behind an accident, it is time to, so to speak, turn off the engine of the car, relax, enjoy the music that’s on the radio, talk to your fellow passengers, take a walk. We realize that for you as a species, this is frustrating for you have been driven by action and ego for a very long time, and production is your way of being. This will become less and less for it is not your purpose to produce, although that has been much of your past experience. But it is more that when heart centered, there is the possibility of creating better connections with people and yourselves, and this is where we would direct you at this time. Hold fast to the idea that things are improving, even though you cannot see it. Be willing to let go of what you think it should look like, and be willing to notice what it really is like.

It’s not all bad. Your planet is healing. Families are integrating, friendships are consolidating, bodies are healing. Yes, it may not seem that way as you look at your medias’ reports of statistics around the COVID situation, but this is not the reality of your planet. It is not that millions and millions of people are sick, it is that a timeout is required. And as you experience this continued lockdown, shut down experience, you will begin to understand that technologies are being created, space is being opened up, healing is happening, hearts are being opened, eyes are being opened. And an awakening is happening on the planet where people are realizing that they would like to live a different way of life now, and this is all Divine timing.

So what can you do on a daily basis to help yourself feel better? Take the time to enjoy the small things that you have avoided because of your past lives of being so busy. Read books, walk your dogs, eat well, sleep better, laugh more, take the time to get in touch with yourselves so that self love becomes the normal. It is acceptable to care for yourselves more deeply now, for this shall become the new way, the new norm, and this is something that your children are well aware of, for they do not have this need to please others. Your social media is not quite there yet. It has not transformed to this new heart opened space, but it shall. And when it does, you will begin to see it open up into a beautiful, different kind of community. One where there is more love, more acceptance, more camaraderie, more collaboration, more co creation.

So for now, what can you do? Focus in on what really matters. Build your relationships with those who really matter. Enjoy what is in your space, and let go of any fear of the future. This may seem a difficult thing to do but it takes focus and effort to recognize that what you think is your reality is not. Your planet is well capable of providing for you. Your hearts are more than capable of opening and shifting into a different kind of energy that will bring you more joy. Start today, start simply. And if you cannot imagine what this might look like, look to your children for they have all the answers, for they are already in their hearts, and begin to let go of whatever feels the most stifling, the most challenging, the most difficult, the most confining, for this is not the way of the future. This was the experience of the past, which is morphing and changing in front of your very eyes.

And as you sit there in your car on the highway of life wondering when the accident will be removed, think less of that, and think more of where you are right in this moment. And enjoy the view of where you are right now for this is in your now moment. And your future has not yet been created, but will be created out of the now moment. And if you think about the energy of the now moment, is this the energy that you want in your future? So live your lives now, as if you want to live them in the future.

And you may say well, how can we do that, we can’t go out, we can’t visit with people, we can’t go places, you must become first centered in yourself. You do not need anything external from you to create this internal self love place, this heart open space. This is your work for now. If you do not know how to do this, we suggest that you look to your lightworkers for they have already experienced this journey and they are aware of what is required in order to sit in this place. And this one who speaks has been through this experience, and can assist.

We love you very much. We recognize the journey that you are on, the holding space in which you find yourself, and we’re here to support you as you transition from the 3D environment through 4D and into 5D. This may seem like a tall order, but it is not, and in fact it has already happened. We are the “Green Beings” of the 6th Dimension and we are here to bring messages of love and light for you in your bodies, in your minds and in your hearts, and we shall come again with messages to assist you in your transition at this seemingly difficult time.

And with that we are complete.

I hope you can enjoy your journey right now, and if you need help, click here to set up an appointment so I can help you make it better.