What is channeling? Channeling is a conversation, an exchange, a give and receive of information, of energy. It allows the recipient to access information from a consciousness level that they would not normally be able to connect to in their day to day activities. It is also the ability of that conduit, for example,the individual who is doing the channeling, to use innate abilities and senses within themselves to connect to this information. And so, there are many forms of channeling we would say, available to any unit of consciousness, to access another unit of consciousness. 


For example, the animal hunting in the wild channels in to the consciousness of nature, your world, to assist it in its hunting and survival. Larger animals in your oceans channel into other levels of consciousness that they have had access to for eons, and communicate this to each other using a sonar kind of system. It is a energetic ribbon we would say, that were humans able to decipher would give you access to consciousness levels that are not at this point available to you and you would have much to learn. 


The channeling that is now more common is where an individual, a human, is able to connect with an energy, a consciousness, whether it be a single conscious unit of consciousness or a group of consciousnesses, and can then decipher, translating the information that is coming through them, to assist others or themselves. Again, this is an innate ability available to every unit of consciousness and it depends on purpose of life, and also the nature of the communication. For some units of consciousness they have made a pre determined agreement to be a channel, to assist in, for example at this moment in time, up leveling humanity’s consciousness, such as the messages that this one brings, but there’s also the ability to channel one’s own Higher Self, we shall call it but it is other versions of the unit, the conduit, accessing different linear consciousnesses, to be able to assist that individual unit of consciousness, whether it is a person, or an insect, a fish, an energetic atom, but that in that moment, it is able to connect with that other piece of knowledge, let us say, other part of consciousness and in that communication experience, an energy exchange takes place. 


So when a human being just knows something through their, let’s call it intuition, they are channeling themselves. They are accessing a part of themselves that is communicating with them at another vibrational level, to be able to impart wisdom, information, whatever it is useful for that conduit to know. And for some, such as this one, they have the ability to clear away anything that would be in the way of larger units of consciousness, and to be able to communicate with these larger units of consciousness in a way that is helpful, interesting and relevant given the time space reality that they are living in. 


For example, Edgar Casey, one of the more well known channelers was able, at a time approximately 100 years ago, if not more, to access into medical information, a consciousness level that was not available to anyone else at the time, and to bring forward that information in such a way that it was helpful to those around them at that time. The consciousness of your humanity, your species, has shifted considerably since then and so now it is possible for individuals to access many other levels of consciousness available to them in the universe, and bring forward messages and helpful information to be able to assist humanity in its experience of itself. 


Channeling is simply a channel, the opportunity for an individual to bring forward information that is not readily accessible in their current consciousness level. Simply put, it is an exchange and everyone has the capacity to be able to do this at a certain level; at a level that is useful for them in their current incarnation or in their current form. And this is the transmission at this time.