In order for channeling to be successful, and the energy exchange to be shared, the individual receiving the information must be willing to set aside any doubt, or question, to allow this information to come through them. It is not to say that their conscious mind will not question what is happening, but they must be willing to set aside their ego which may not understand what is happening, in order to allow the communication to take place. Oftentimes the conduit will unconsciously do this, setting it aside in the case of light language receipt; for an individual in receipt of light language cannot possibly understand at an egoic level, what is going on. It is not that it is an out of body experience, although for all intents and purposes, it somewhat is. 



We are constantly, you are, the One is, constantly offering information back and forth and it is in this offering, that there is the opportunity for the exchange to occur. Many times individual’s ego based judgment gets in the way of their receipt of such information but when this can be set aside, great wisdom can be gained. This wisdom that comes through is not wisdom the individual does not have. It is just that it is not wisdom, that they have accessed at that vibration in their current time space reality. All wisdom exists, in all time space realities. It is just the ability for the individual to tap into it, so to speak, to receive the message, much like a radio wave is received by an antenna. This is a very similar way of communicating. 


In other beings, in other species, their ability to telepathically channel gives them the opportunity to share information with one another and others at a much different energetic level. This is not something that is easily accessible by humans at this time, but it shall be, as your energetic dimension changes, but that is for another day. That is not part of this channeling message at this time. 



Simply put, channeling is the ability to pick up messages that are being directed, and to bring forward the meaning of such messages in such a way that it is useful for both the person receiving it and anyone listening or hearing this at a dimensional level that makes sense to that person’s level of consciousness. It is also an opportunity for expansion of any individual consciousness level hearing the message coming through. It is a growth experience. A growth in consciousness and intelligence for both the channeler and anyone hearing the message or energy being transmitted by the channel.