Any doubt that an individual has regarding the channeling experience is brought through because of their own level of lack of self awareness and lack of ability to accept what is happening. This stems from fear. This does not stem from the energy of love, for it is in the fear of the unknown, that any individual would consider a channeler to be fake, for it is only in their lack of knowledge, lack of experience, lack of vibrational alignment, let us say, that has an individual doubt that what they are hearing or seeing or experiencing is real. Everything that an individual hears, experiences and sees is real. It is not a figment of their imagination. It is, at a certain consciousness level happening. It is simply the energy of fear that does not allow that person to, we would say, access the validity at a certain level of consciousness for them in the experience and so those who mock or disbelieve what is happening, it is just simply because their level of comprehension, their consciousness level, has not shifted into a vibration that allows them to understand what is happening. 


For many times in a challenging experience there is a lack of understanding. This simply is a time gap, we would say, between the individual who is receiving the channeling or hearing the channeling, and their own computer brain’s ability to accept this as happening and compute it, so to speak, to make sense to them. For many times at this level, the sixth sense, intuitive abilities and channeling discernment, there is not the ability to compute or understand, for it is outwith the realms of that individual’s natural vibrational level, in the realm in which they are existing. And so, this is why some things cannot be explained by science at this time. But over time, this information will come forward to explain the technology behind the channeling experience. We use the term antenna and receipt to allow you to understand it from that perspective for that does do the job, we would say for now.


More and more individuals will be coming “online” in a sense, being able to channel, not only their own Higher Selves, but other communications, but at this time, it is limited somewhat, so that the information coming through is helpful, and once self awareness and vibrational level has increased on your planet, the ability to access this information will become more, mainstream let’s say, and more and more people will have access to not only their own Higher Selves, but telepathically to be able to connect to other energies and learn things that they would not have had access to, at a lower level of consciousness. This vibrational upgrade is happening as we speak, and will continue to do so for some time to come. 


It is an exciting time for you as a species on planet Earth as she upgrades in her crystalline structure into the 5D, and as you move forward with her, you will notice these awarenesses becoming more and more apparent and even though you may not be able to explain it, you will feel it and know it to be true, much as channelers do once they become competent and accepting of the channeling information that comes through. Doubt is removed, hesitancy is gone and an acceptance and an integration of the experience becomes natural and normal. 

For those watching or seeing this for perhaps the first time or the first few times, it is difficult for them to understand how this is happening, but over time, more and more people will have access to this. This is a great assistance to you as an individual for the vibrational uplift that happens with the channeling experience provides access to information that augments the experience of being human, and being spiritual. It is a new dimension, let us say, and it is where your species and your planet are moving into. It is a wonderful expansion of the consciousness of the conduit and also the ability of the consciousness that is coming through to be communicated. It is a symbiotic experience for both.