Speaking her truth, big wells of tears drop like bombs from the sky of her eyes. As she curls up in the chair, she cocoons herself in the safety of the soft, purple blanket that wraps her from head to toe. She whispers to herself as if I’m not even there “I never thought it was important, I didn’t know I was important”.

She’s waking up. She’s waking up to herself.

Just so you know, it’s something I take every client through.

Moreover, the exercise that day reveals a difficult past with no loving mother and an absent father. We discover she’s had a survival life of “uber-independence” that’s been seemingly successful, but lonely and unsupported.

After that she moves forward each week, waking up more and more.

If we live a life that looks successful on the outside, but our inside universe is crumbling with depression, anxiety or overwhelming fatigue, life is shit.

You see, it’s shit that looks good but it doesn’t feel good.

It’s like living a life with an inner gnawing that “something’s not right” all the time. Or even a life that brings a sudden tsunami (normally a huge health issue), which takes you out and makes you think twice about how to live.

Either way, life sucks.

So if this is you, I’ve got help at hand.

Do you like to learn first, talk later? I’ve created a masterclass called Your Dream-Life” and it’s chock full of tips and strategies to help you survive and thrive in any ongoing or sudden human disaster.

Subsequently, my client and I worked together for a couple of months and when I checked in with her 6 months later she’s confidently living her life with lots of exciting things going on. She thanks me for my listening and coaching.

I’m honored,” I told her. “It’s always an honor to help someone wake up to their greatness“.

Your greatness is laying in wait for you.

As the world evolves in front of our very eyes, some of us watch and wait. Others post on social media about their new, and not so new, truths.

And then there are those who are afraid to be honest with themselves so they don’t say a word.

Consequently, they’re numb. In shock. Hoping it will soon go back to normal.

What are you waiting to wake up to?

My client cried that day because for the first time in her life she was able to speak her truth, and in the sharing of it, she felt heard and acknowledged. She knew it was important, and that she was important. She woke up to her own greatness.

Life isn’t always easy when we speak our truth but it’s better with someone who can really listen.

However, I’m going to tell you something you might not know. 

Your awakening is your birthright. Your truth is your greatness.

Sometimes, well actually, more often than not, you’ll find huge boulders of resistance. 

That’s perfectly normal.

Just know you don’t have to do it alone, because resistance showing up means it’s time to work on it.

And any level of spiritual awakening is a glimpse of the treasure of your truth within, which can help shift even the biggest, shittiest boulder.

Fear will never go away until you face it, so there’s no better time to wake up than right now.

In short, let me help you.

Start here and complete a short form to get going. Then you’ll be guided through to my calendar for a one-on-one appointment.

Let me clarify something.  There’s no pressure, because I don’t work with people who aren’t ready.

Our conversation will simply show you where you’re at, and consequently, you can decide what to do after this.

Last but not least, don’t forget about the masterclass. It’s free for you right now.