You ask the question “what is going to happen in your world, on your planet, for your life”? 

It’s a question that you ask all the time for there is a strong desire to know your future. This is common place within the human mind to want to know what’s happening, what’s coming, what will be the inevitable outcome, for you are so goal oriented that living in your future is your norm. However, this is not helpful to you, to live in this way, with these thoughts, these patterns, this paradigm, let’s say. It’s a way of being that takes you out of the present. And in fact, it prevents you from fully being in the present, from fully being in your body, from fully Being, in fact.

What do we mean by that? 

It means that when your focus is forward, projected let’s say, into an unknown, then there is a sense of traveling constantly, and often times traveling without direction, awareness, or any kind of centeredness within yourself. It’s like, you’re involved in playing a game, a sports game, and you are constantly looking at the next play, not currently being in the play that you’re in right now. Imagine playing your game of soccer, and you have the ball at your feet but instead, you are thinking about what the person who will have the ball next, will do. You don’t know who the next person is to have the ball yet for you yourself have not played that important part. 

So dear humans, in this paradigm in which you live, we are going to make a suggestion. And remember, dear ones, everything that we suggest is simply an opportunity for you to consider. You never have to act on anything that we say. We are here simply to assist, to help you enjoy this current life you are living, this play of the ball, so to speak that you have right in front of you, right in this moment. 

What will you do? 

So our suggestion to you is to be with “what is”. Now this is a difficult thing for you to do only because your practice of thought is to be forward. It means letting go of what the outcome will show up as and being willing to set aside “not knowing”. Setting aside not knowing means that your focus can be current, in the moment. Now it doesn’t mean that you don’t plan. It doesn’t mean that you don’t think about what you might like to have happen but you do not spend any more time than that on it. For this experience that you’re having as a human being is a current time space reality experience. You do not live in the future although many of you live in the past.  From that paradigm you are often creating your future based on your past. This is simply a program, a pattern, something that will dissipate as your self awareness, your consciousness level rises. For you will soon discover that it’s far more fun to be in the present than in the past.

As your consciousness level rises with the photon light that is hitting your planet, you will come to a new knowing, a new realization. Hm, the idea that you have absolutely, well we would not say no control over the future, but very little.

Oh, yes. Now, now you may be wondering and panicking. What does this mean? No control over the future? Are we? Are we aimlessly traveling through this lifetime with no direction? No, no, no, that is not what we mean dear ones, for you can envision, you can create, you can desire, you could hope for and you can make plans for, a future that is bright and hopeful. But recognize that simply wishing and hoping for your future doesn’t create it. It is what you do right now that creates the next move. What will you do in the game as the soccer ball sits right at your feet, right in this moment? Will you be full of fear? Judgment, hatred, anxiety? Will you be uncertain, unsure? Will you hold back? Or will you look at your situation with love, with possibility, with opportunity, with hope, and do what feels good? These are the questions that yes, it requires you to stop in your present moment and think about the experience you are creating right here, right now, which you’re living into. 

It is what creates your future. The right now. The right now. The right now creates your future. Dear ones, we know this is a new concept for you. The right now creates your future? What an earth does that mean? It means that what you focus on right now brings into reality the next frame of your existence? Do you get that? The next frame of your existence? The next frame in the reel, the next slide, the next picture, the next outcome based solely on what you do in this moment with your current life. 

Are you living in the future? 

Oh, yes, you are. Many of you. You are making decisions right now, based on what you want to have happen in the future, not knowing if that will even be possible based on this decision that you are making right now. Are you sitting thinking about what you really want? Who you really are? How things really sit with you? Are you making decisions from that place, recognizing that the decisions that you make are in your control, and will create your future on this planet? Seems a little cryptic perhaps but the reality is that how you play the game right now creates the game you play into, moving forward. 

And so dear ones, think about where you are at right now in this moment in your life and don’t jump ahead to what it could be, would be, should be, want to be but what are you doing right now that is creating a future that feels in alignment with who you really are? Not coming from fear, uncertainty, doubt, but coming from your heart, from a deep knowing of what feels right to you.  Yes, it might not be the decision that you think. We are here simply to offer this suggestion to you. 

For some of you, you’ll get this message, for some of you, you won’t, that’s good, that’s fine, that’s all right. Things don’t always land until it’s time. And dear ones, there’s lots and lots of time. There’s all the time in the world because you are creating your world with the current present moment in time. It’s an exciting time right now. There are many changes. Many things happening that are not available to your knowledge base but all will be revealed over time and until then, stay the course. Stay in your heart. Use the many ideas that we have already given to you in previous transmissions, to be of the heart and more than anything, be love, to yourselves and to each other. And with that we are complete.