This is The Infinite and this channeling is designed to assist you in understanding about the construct of time. Time is a construct created within your consciousness to assist you with your experience as a human being on planet Earth. It was developed within your mind let us say, to allow you to understand the experiences that you have from one moment to the next. It helps with the story of what is happening for you in the moment. It, we would say, embellishes the experience. What we mean by that is that it brings color, texture, form and structure to the nature of the events that you experience from one moment to the next. 

It makes it more interesting. For were you not to have the construct of time, you would have no memories and no vision. And so, it allows you to use this part of your mind to enjoy the experience more fully. It also allows you to remember and grow, for it is in the memories and in the vision that you can elevate your level of consciousness during this time space reality, in this physical experience being a human on planet Earth.  Were you to have no memories and no vision, you would experience each moment in the now.  This would give rise to a moment to moment experience which would not have dimension for you in your experience as a human. 

This would not mean that you would not perceive time but in essence you would not, and that would create for you less story, and more presence. This is the dimension into which you are moving, but for the last eons your species has enjoyed this time space reality, using time to give you greater breadth and dimension; to expand the game of life, to expand the dance of being a human being on planet Earth. It has given your 3rd dimension a more full experience. 


However, this construct of time also allows you to remember any experience which was less than Love. For in this time space reality on planet Earth, you have duality. You have the contrast of your experiences. You have both sides of the pendulum, we would say.  You have the memory of the good and the bad. You have the physical experience carried forward in your cells. This experience of bringing forward past time space reality creates a less than often healthy experience within your physical form. This is not a bad thing, this is just the nature of existing within a time space reality with time as a construct.


You are moving out of this reality. This will not be a quick shift into a new time space reality where in a sense time is your now and now and now and now; our present moment, where in the consciousness of your mind all you will remember is your current reality, your now moment, and each now moment will be fully enjoyed, whether it be a pleasant or an unpleasant experience.  Therefore, your body, your cellular body, will let go of any unpleasant experience more fully more quickly, allowing you to have a healthier, more light filled experience for you shall be in the now moment in each moment. 

You may at this point not quite understand what that experience will be like, and so we shall bring more information to you at a later date to assist you with the understanding and the consciousness level of what that means.  For some on your planet such as this one, this experience is the current reality, and it brings with it a sense of calm, peace, love, acceptance, in a sense, an ongoing happiness, but let us not divert ourselves to that yet. For right now, you, the masses, most of you, are still living in this past, present and future time construct, but as you move forward, you will notice, in a sense you will have already noticed that time seems to speed up. It is not that time is speeding up, it is actually in a sense that time is slowing down for time is losing itself we would say, so that your current reality, the current moment, the present moment, becomes more of the now and your consciousness level in the now, is in a sense, more alive. You are more awake, meaning that your consciousness level stays more in the current moment than in the past or in the future. 

It is not that you will not have a memory, or the opportunity to vision, for this is a very delightful experience for many of you. It is a pleasurable experience to remember to have memories, and it is an enjoyable experience to project into the future. It adds dimension, but moving into the 4th and the 5th dimensions requires you to let go of the attachment to the memories that you have experienced. For moving into the 5th dimension creates a consciousness from the heart, a very strong electromagnetic conscious awareness that allows you to be present in the moment, in every moment, bringing with it a sense of joy, a sense of oneness, a sense of deep connection.  


You see time as a construct separates you from this; from this heart centered place, for it creates distance between the mind and the heart. This has simply been an experience that you as a species have enjoyed for a long time, in order to have this physical experience on planet Earth.  We bring this message to you at this point simply to allow you to begin to notice that you will have more moments of now and now and now, and this may not seem quite understandable yet, but simply to say that, as you experience more moments in the now, what happened in the past will simply drop away and will become less important, and creating a future will not be required nearly as much, for you will have far more joy in your now filled moment from one moment to the next.  It will ease insecurity. It will bring stability.  It will create a more centered experience as a human on your planet, where your focus will be more one of love and connection. In essence, a heart experience, and there will be no need to create as much forward thinking thoughts for your experience in the now will bring all that you desire. 

It will not mean that you do not plan, for you will still have the knowledge that more is coming, but it will bring less anticipated structure to it. In fact, it will be easier for you.  You will plan but you will live in the moment.  You will let go of the past.  You will have less attachment to your future and you will be more centered in your present. 


This information is not meant to confuse you, but to assist you, and so as we bring forward this message we will bring forward more messages to assist you with more living in now than you have ever experienced in your past, for in the past it was a different dimension, a different way of being, a different construct, a different energetic quantum field so to speak, and so suffice to say that this message is simply to assist you in understanding that things are changing; not better or worse, just different, and you will have assistance to help you to understand what this means, for you as a species like to understand things; this makes it more fun. 

This is our message for you in this moment, and we shall begin to speak to you more and more about this moment, and how you may be more fully in this moment, and every moment, and with that we are complete.