There has been much action going on on your planet, lots of different factions trying to get their own way; it’s quite the battle, we can see. For some of you who are in the light, you may feel as though the army of the light is very small in comparison to the army, the other army let’s call it, for we are not going to call it the army of the dark for as has been explained many times through this one and others, the bulk of the dark has been removed. However, there is what we would call a shadow effect still in place, which is creating a bit of backlog let’s say, required to clear before you, as a species and as a planet can move forward, upgrading into this new dimension of energy that has been spoken of.

And in this moment, the army of light as we have called them, are feeling perhaps a little leaderless and what we mean by that is that there are in a sense too many chiefs and not enough Indians, but this is not the right analogy.  Let us dial it back a little bit to give you more information on what we mean by this. The 144,000 volunteers who came to planet Earth to assist with this ascension are fully engaged. They are also working to allow other individuals, other souls who wish to travel on this train let’s say of ascension, they are assisting these other individuals, and as this one has noted, it is quite the challenge for those in the light, to hold the light. So we are here to encourage and inspire you.


So your planet is under siege, in a sense your species. However, as much as it may seem very dark and difficult this is where you need to be right now. This is what needs to happen. As this one has explained to many others in the past there has to be breakdown in order for the breakthrough to come shining forth let us say. Your solar sun is a Stargate. It is a point of ascension for you. It is here to assist with this ascension process and so any interaction that any Star Being does with the solar sun will be very helpful to that being’s vibration. That is of course a little more challenging in the northern hemisphere of your planet, however, the sun’s rays are coming through all the time and it is important that each of the light workers, we would say, plug into the light. 

We mean this literally, plug into the light, meaning getting out into your atmosphere and allowing the suns’ rays to penetrate your physical being. It doesn’t matter how long you do this for, but it does matter that you do it with intention. So whether or not you step outside your front door for one minute, or you go on a hike for 100 minutes, what is important here is the intention that you set in stepping out into that light filled atmosphere, opening your heart and your crown chakra specifically to allow for that Stargate light to permeate, infiltrate, and in a sense, drop in. This is challenging for some of you and easy for others, but it is necessary to, let’s say, get through the next little while. So this is one tool that we are giving you as an idea to assist you in how to stay supported, nourished, nurtured, connected with the light. As much as we say the word light, and for many of you, you will understand this vibrationally, but the Stargate solar sun that you have beaming onto your planet is one of the biggest sources for you, for it is that which feeds your planet and in turn feeds you, so do not make light of this suggestion for this is a very deep and meaningful contribution that can assist you. 

The other source is water. So on your planet, of course, there is much controversy around the water that you drink. However, again, as we said before with the sunlight, the water can feed you when it is done with intention, and so again we suggest that as you consume, or participate in water from your planet, do so with an intention that it nurture, nourish and sustain you, for your physical bodies benefit greatly from it. Do not be concerned or take too much into the fact that your water may have other contaminants in it. This can be transmuted with intention. And so, as you partake of water, whether it is physically or drinking it or using it, any ceremonial act that you use with intention will create a very beneficial state of being for you as a human. These are very basic forms of nourishment that can assist you as a human being going through this difficult transition and these two sources of energy will assist with the body’s physical ascension into 5D. 

The other thing that we would like to suggest is when we speak of all of the neural pathways within your brains. We have mentioned prior to this that this software, this integrative process within your human form, is shifting and changing and the energy that will shift the ascension process, this 3D to 5D is going to create different synapse connections within your brains. This is being done slowly and methodically at this time. This is to allow you to access the innate abilities that many of you know you have, but are not able to, we would say connect to on an ongoing basis. In fact, there has not been any need for you to have had access to these prior to this because of being in the third dimension. 

However, for those of you who are lightworkers, star beings and healers and the like, this will be very beneficial for you, for you need to bring this online in order to assist others who are not quite ready to receive that yet. This new intelligence will be coming as we mentioned slowly and methodically so you may notice that you are experiencing a little challenging times. For example, you may forget things, you may recognize new things, you may have moments of confusion. This is all normal, and it is the process of transmutation that is happening within these neural networks within your brains. This is specifically for those who consider themselves to be moving into ascension, lightworkers. So as you are listening to this, do not be dismayed. In fact, recognize that you may require more downtime, more sleep, more rest, less noise, less information, less busyness. This is an opportunity for you to be more focused and streamlined with how you manage your day, and so should you choose to be open to this kind of assistance this will be forthcoming. 

Again, it is with intention. If you desire this, daily set an intention to be open to be guided, for this guidance will bring about changes to your, let’s say, scheduling. In fact, you may find yourself wanting to do things that are out of character, let’s say, not part of your normal routine, just go with it, just go with it. Sometimes it may be something very small, sometimes it may take longer, but recognize that these new and different ideas which will be coming to you telepathically from us, will assist you in this transition for much as your body needs to rest and sleep, your brains will require the same in order to be reassembled let’s say with this new technology, these, some of you call them key codes, which will be downloaded over the next little while.

You are greatly supported by the galaxies, and intergalactically. Many of you have already connected with many sources of support in many different forms and that is unique and individual to each lightworker. It is important that you acknowledge and appreciate this connection that you have, that you recognize that this is because of you, who you are, and that each one of you is individual and unique. For you have all experienced different life forms, life stories, life experiences, on planet and off planet, and the contribution that you make to this shift in consciousness on your planet is also going to be unique and individual, and much as each stitch in a tapestry holds its part in the big picture, you too shall be a part of this changing climate and picture of what Earth is transforming into. This has not been done before and so we will not say it is an experiment for as you are aware, everything exists but you are, in this moment, going through the process of change and so there will be some moments of indecision and unsureness as you go through this. Don’t forget to just be in the moment, stay in the moment, stay in the heart. Keep on bringing the light, keeping the light, being the light. And with that we are complete.